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Haw to repair Switched Mode Power  Supplies


Play station 2 Power Supply Repair

PS2 Power Supply Repairs

A very common failure, which seems to crop up on some of the earlier PS2 models, is where the power supply fails for whatever reason. When switched on there is no life and often, the internal fuses (or sometimes the fuse in the power lead) blow. Very often, the fault lies with a very simple component on the power board. The usual component is a diode, of which there are four similar ones. Often though, the same diode fails each time. This is the third of the largish diodes, arrowed in the following picture.


Be very careful when working on the power board as it contains dangerously high voltages even when not connected to the mains. This is because capacitors can remain charged for some number of hours or days. Take all normal precautions before working in this area. In addition, handle the board as little as possible Check the diodes with a continuity meter. If it shorts then it has blown and should be replaced with a 1 Amp diode. You should also test the two board fuses for continuity as one (or both) of these can be blown by the over current. You may also have to replace the main fuse in the power lead as this can go at the same time.


FROM : Ultimate Playstation 2 Repair Guide  January 2004 Edition By John Smith (the_internet_king : eBay ID)



TV service manual enter Service mode for tv by CPU models

Controllers different TV

8821CPNG-5EE1, 8821CPNG-4CN8, 8821CPNG-4GD9, 8821CPNG-4U88, 8821CPNG-4RJ1, 8821CPNG-4JB2, 8821CPNG-5CV5 - See the chassis M28.

8821CPNG-4UD4 - Entry into service:
1.kanal 30
2.kanal 88
3.huchnist at least.

8851CPNG - See the chassis M28.
8891CSCNG6V12 - Login servic:
1. TV on the keyboard to set the volume to 0, hold the "VOL-" to press DISP (rectangle with a plus) on the remote control.
2. Sign in service - press the remote button "MENU", "CH" - and enter code 2483 or 6483 or 6568.
3. Hidden button FACTORY (under button PP)

8897CSBN - See the chassis ETE-2.

8897CSBNG-6PR4 PA-09 - See the chassis M28.

CXP85340, CXP85452-135S, CXP86441-509S, CXP86441-533S - See LG.

DW5255M, DW370M - See model DAEWOO 14A5 or KR21N7N.

GS8114-01B - Deactivation LOCK ON: Code for remote MAC-2000 - 1123.
1. Button "MENU".
2. "OFF" button with the key "Shift".

LA76931 - See LG.

LA76936, LA76938 - See the chassis SA-A.

LA76936DE - See SANYO Chassis AC6-A.

LA76936Y, LC863532C, LC863hhh, LA768hh (05, 10, 12, 18, 28.32) (A) - TVs controllers in many different chassis (eg, 3Y01) - variations of inputs to a service mode:
1. LC863320A, LC863324A, LC863328A, LC863332B - Click on the remote control button hidden FACTORY (or PROD), it can stay below button SLEEP. It is also possible to lock the pins 2 and 13 (2 and 14, 2 and 15, 2 and 16) on the remote control circuits.
2. "Volume" at least, simultaneously press and hold button while "VOL-" on TV and "RECALL" (DISPLAY) on the remote control. Buttons "Timer", "MUTE" - the choice menu.
3. Click on the remote control "SKIP", "VOL-", "AFT". (Or "-/--"). Button "PIC" - out.
4. On the remote press (MENU) (MENU) (V. WIEV) (MUTE) (SLEEP). Button "TIMER" - jump areas.
5. LC863320A - FUNAI MK11, LC863hhh LA768hh + (05, 10, 12, 18, 28.32) (A), Samsung SM14H4MJ - LA76936Y 7N-58T7 on the remote control to lock the pins 2 and 16 IC RT2461-103. First time - on the screen FACTORY. 2 times - on the screen: B / W ADJUST (rehulyuvannya. regimes kinescope). Three-times - ADJUST (geometry). 4 th time - SETUP (Setup option). 5th - Out with the service
Important! In ADJUST MENU SETUP SELECT put option "1", while the open sections 00 - 20.
6. LA76931, LA76936, LA76938 - similar processor SDA5522.

LC863332A - Entry into service from the service panel or remote FUNAI MK11 To enter service in the native remote control button prypayaty between 2 and 16 feet mieroshemy remote RT2461-103.
Push a button, and once - on the screen: FACTORY;
2 times - on the screen B / W ADJUST (reg. regimes kinescope) Push 3-times - ADJUST (geometry);
4 th time - SETUP (Setup options);
Five-times - out of service.
R-Button, R +; Vol-; Vol + help set the required values in the right places.

LC863332B 52Z6 3KD0, LC863532C-55P9, LC863532B-53l1, LC863532B-54R6, LC863532C-55K9- Entry into service menu: using the remote install "VOL-" to 0, then the main menu (or PICTURE MENU) code: 8 6 0 0, or 8 March 6, 3 or 6 4 8 3 (call it XXXX ) which is equivalent to pressing FACTORY.
Service mode contains three subsections: FACTORY, B / W BALANCE, ADJUST. Switching between them after pressing Factory, or by entering the code XXX X.
In the service menu we suggest ENG.OPTION = 1, SETUP SELECT = 1.
Exit from this mode, you have two options:
1. When you click the remote "MENU" code XXXX, appear in the mode "PRODUCT", then repeat the operation (after pressing "MENU", code XXXX), to return to normal.
2. Set option in the MENU 2003 "PROD MODE" = 0, and then click "MENU" to exit the service menu.

LC863332B, TDA9381PS/N2/1I1150, TDA9381PS/N2/1I1246.
Sign in service menu: Turn on TV and in operating on the remote control buttons to press consistently "POWER", "MUTE", "CALL", "TIMER", ". Appears on the screen FACTORY. Press the button" TIMER ", starting first menu bar control the white balance. Go to the next line of control buttons is "CH", modified digital byte value - the buttons "VOL +/-".

LC863528A-xxxx - Entry into service menu: click "REWIEW", then "VOL-" while "REWIEW".
To exit repeat.

, Chassis PAXX0081.
Log in servic: TV on the front of the volume set to 0, hold the "VOL-" to press "DISP" (a rectangle with a plus) on the remote control.

LG8993-08B, LG8993-09B, LG8734-01E,, LG8738-05C, LG8993-13D, LG8993-37B, LG8818-19A, LG8991-04B - See LG.

M37102M8-C41SP, M37204MC-A49SP, M37201M6-C435SP, M37221M6-066SP, M37204MC-C40SP, VCT6743G B3 2008 - See the JVC.

M37160M8-058FP/M37160M8H-051FP or M37160M8-063FP M37160M8-064FP or.
Sign in service menu - the main menu code: 6 4 8 3, which is equivalent to pressing FACTORY.
Service mode contains three subsections: FACTORY, B / W BALANCE, ADJUST. Switching between them after pressing Factory, or by entering the code 6 4 8 3.

M37201E6-E8WW - See SANYO Chassis A8-B.

M37221M4-322SP - See M11D chassis.

MC144105 - See GRUNDIG chassis CUC5301.

NTDA9381/C340AG - Entry into service menu:
click on the remote control "MENU", 8, 5, 0, 0.

OM8363H/n3/4 - See SANYO.

QXXAVC305P, QXXAVC568 - See SANYO Chassis AC6-A.

SAA5290ZP/033, SAA5290, SAA5563PSM30053- See SANYO.

SAA5297PS/262 - See ORION 28BDF TV790, chassis 4400.

SAA5531 SAA5541:
Entrance to the service menu is possible in two ways:
1. On TV in working mode and 0.25 seconds to lock the connector X760.
2. On TV in operating on the service console hit "SERV", hold the press! " (On-board staff in the control circuit IC1 locking pins 3 and 9, 1 and 15, respectively). Moving in the service menu are made with remote keys "CH-", "CH". Tinctures parameters are the keys "VOL-", "VOL +". Using remote key "0 ... 9, you can select the menu item. Once the installation to exit the service mode and save the data click on the remote key TV (locking pins 1 and 9 IC1).
Withdrawal regime CASTLE: If forgotten confidential code, the menu function select mode "Castle" and keep the remote control button "X" 3 seconds.

SDA30C164 - See PANASONIC chassis EURO-3.

SDA3526 - See GRUNDIG chassis CUC1835.

SDA555XFL - See LG.

SDA5521 - See the chassis 12.5.

SDA5522 - Entry into service:
1. click on the remote control MENU.
2. three times on the remote press RECALL.
Surcharge pages - click MENU, exit - RECALL.
To remove these chassis lock - press and hold DISPLAY (RECALL) on the remote within 10 seconds.

ST6-ELAME2 - To enter the service menu press the button on the remote control point: "SKIP", "VOL-", "FINE TUNE".
To exit click the PIC.

ST92195C7B - Entry into service menu:
1. Log in to MENU
2. Activate FUTURE
3. Enter code 1923

ST92R195 - See SANYO chassis EB-6A.

STV92195 (TXT) or STV92185 (NO TXT), Chassis CTE-AA
Sign in service menu - install "program 75", press "OSD" button on the control and "MENU" on the front of the TV, hold about 4 seconds. Symbol "S" appears in the lower left corner.
Exit Service Mode: - turn off the TV.

TCL-A19V01-TO 87CP38N-4GD1,
TCL-M13V TMPA8809,
TCL-A25V02-T0 8857CRNG5FF4,
TCL-A30V02-TO 8821CRNG5JB2
- See the chassis M113, M17, M28.

TDA12020H/N1F00 - See SANYO Chassis FB1-B.

TDA9341 - On the remote quickly press the button "MENU" "6" "4" "8" "3". Go for digital service menu buttons 1 .. 4. Exodus - Power OFF.

TDA9345PS/N3/3/1913 - See BEKO Chassis E1.

- Entry into service menu - switch on the TV program in 1975 while Click "Display" button on the control and "Select" on the front of the TV.

TDA9351PS/N3/3 DTA1489 586E - Entry into service menu: click on the remote control: MUTE, CALL, - / -, CALL, MUTE. Out of service - click EXIT.

TDA9351 / TDA9381 (Option) - the entrance to the service mode is possible in two ways:
1. Enable TV is operating, to hit the remote service «SERV», hold the press "?" (On-board control in conventional circuits IC1 locking pins 3 and 9, 1 and 15, respectively).
2. Enable chassis to standby mode, the usual remote control key press sequence «STATUS», «MENU», «MUTE», «STBY».
A service menu. Moving in the service menu are made with remote keys «CH», «CH». Tinctures of - control keys «VOL +», «VOL-». Go with a submenu on one level - key «AV / TV». Information line "key" value displays the password entered in the user menu.
Settings menu "Geometry":
HS 36 * heave
VSH 33 * throw
VA 49 * Vertical size
VS 32 * Vertical linearity
SC 16 * S-correction
VA_Z 12 * Zoom
VA16 12 * 16h9
Settings menu in the "Preferences":
CL 1977 Size control voltage cathode
Y 10 Delay yaskravisnoyi component signal image
IFO 1932 IF PLL control
Vg2 * Adjust the accelerating voltage (placing the cursor on line Vg2, click «VOL» potentiometers and split-line transformer set Vg2 value "0", click «VOL»)
32 BLOR determination of "black" (not regulated)
BLOG 32 determination of "black" (not regulated)
R 32 * Set the control voltage value "red"
G 32 * Set the control voltage value of "green"
32 B * Installation size control voltage "blue"
AGC 19 gain IF "ARU"
VOL 30 Adjusting the volume in those. menu
Settings in the menu "Options":
DFL IE2 0 1 0 FFI
ACL EVG 0 0 PF 2
BCF BKS 1 0 0 AV2
IVG LBL 0 0 1 DL
OSO 0 IF 38,9
AGN 0 AGCs 1,0
Settings menu in the "TUNER":
TSL 045 Setting the lower range for CF-1
Installing TSM 153 border ranges CF-1 and CF-3
TSH 428 Setting the border ranges CF-3 and UHF Broadcasting
TEH 863 Setting the upper range for UHF Broadcasting
TBL 01 Installation Package Selection range CF-1
TBM 02 Installation Package Selection range CF-3
TBH 2C Installation Package Selection range UHF Broadcasting
STEP 1 Set the minimum step channel configuration selector
DELAY 40 Set the time necessary to complete the channel selector transition, in milliseconds.
After installation is complete click on the button panel AV / TV twice (or locking pins 1 and 9 IC1), to exit the service mode and data storage.
To adapt chassis for use tube installation or removal process jumpers: A2, A3, A4-voltage unit B;
A6, A7 - reversing capacitors;
A8, A9 - voltage stress kinescope;
A10 - vertical size;
A12 - 9V supply voltage;
A13 - Beam current limiting.

TDA9351PS/N2/3I, TDQ935XPS/N2, TDQ936XPS/N2, TDQ938X/PS/N2 (CH05T0102)
TDA9380 32K PAL / NTSC
TDA9387 32K NTSC
, Chassis EX-1A4 - set volume to 0. Then press and hold the MUTE button on the remote and press "MENU" on TV.
To exit the "S" mode off TV.

TDA9361PS/N3/5 CF6843 54,607,130 - Entry into service: click on the remote control button "MENU" and enter code 6483.

TDA9363 TDA9381 TDA9384.
Option 1. Controller TDA9384/TDA9363: Press MUTE, CALL, 9, a lighted 9 - - "then press" 8 "," 0 "should appear inscription" M ". Press "MENU" to go into service menu. Buttons CH + / CH-to select the option, V + / V-to change.
Option 2. controller TDA9381: press and hold button 4 seconds "QV", then click on the remote control "MENU1", the screen is lighted inscription "TEST". If you press the buttons with numbers "Mkey" appear on the screen corresponding submenu or inscription PASSWORD then you must enter the password .. 828 buttons CH + / CH-to select the option, V + / V-to change. Turn the TV remote control translates into normal mode.

TDA9365PS/N3/5, TDA9352PS/N3/1/1683, TDA9565, TDA9352PXN.
Entry: "St-by"> "MENU" on TV + "0" on the remote control. Exit> "TV".

TDA9370PS/N3/A TSG March 0430Eeprom: 24C08.
Log in Service "uncivilized": programmer register cell in 1D1-FF, when turning the machine is in service mode.
1-8 buttons selected menu page. Exit - click "I". Memorizing is done automatically. Without the original remote you can use the MAC code 1264.

TDA9380PS/N1/1K0231 - Entry into service:
Simultaneously press the teletext button on the remote control "Clock" and "VOL-" on local keyboard. After 2-3 seconds the TV will enter Service Mode.

TDA9381/C346BG - Entry into service menu: the main menu code: 6 4 8 3.

TDA9381-7NA - Click on the remote control "MENU" "8", "5", "0", "0". Select options - buttons 0 - 9. You must enter the desired number of groups of options, with the first available option groups 3, 4 and 5. When you try to call the other options on the screen there is a castle. You must enter the code "200 528" then there is the invitation PRESS MENU NUMBER. To remove the code "lock" to keep more than 5 seconds LOCK key on the remote and the menu, which appears to disable the code. All programs 1 ... 0 "to remove the lock (required at all!)
Instead, staff can use the remote MAK-2000, code 1172. ERASE button displays the TV once in service menu, and then also use buttons and "R +, R-", "Vol +", "Vol-".
Out of service - ERASE button or STBY or TXT - click 3 times.

TDA9381PS/N2/1I0721 TDA9381PS/N2/1I0836 TDA9381PS/N2/1I1156 TDA9381PS/N2/1I1520 TDA9381PS/N3/1/1729
To enter the service you need in safe mode press the menu button on the front of the TV and the "0" on the remote control.
To remember the settings you have to click "TV" and hold off from network TV
Removing lock: enter the Options menu, select Castle, dial "2", "2", "white button".

TDA9381PS/N2/3I0792 OICTMPH010A.
In RC-5 remote lock pins 1-11 SAA3010. Switching service pages - "Q. VIEW" console TV. OK - remember.

TDA9381PS/N2/3I DTA1481 "Y" D621- Entry into service:
Closed short pins 18-24 Products Remote JKT T3833-02G.

TDA9381PS/N3/3 P26NG - On the remote press "2". six times after pressing "P-", click "V" hold 10 seconds, the service menu appears. Exodus - "DISPLAY".

TDA9384PS/N3/3, TDA9384PS/N2/3I - See the chassis 3P51.

, Chassis TD173.
Log in servic: TV on the front of the volume set to 0, hold the "VOL-" to press "DISPLAY" (a rectangle with a plus) on the remote control.

TMPA8821CPNG-4UD4 - Entry into service: 30 channel, 88 channel, Volume - 0, MUTE.

- See the chassis M28.

TMP47C1637 - See PHILIPS chassis GR2.2AA.

TVP02066 D05 \ 2004 - See AIWA 1402.

VCT3831A entry into service: press "MENU", then press RECALL five times. 1 more buttons ... 9 the various service menus.
Exit from service button 0 or RECALL.

VCT6743G B3 2008 - See the JVC.




START U3P/U2P chassis 21380.
1. processor TDA9381 - see processor TDA9381-7NA.
2. processor TDA9341 - see processor TDA9341.

START 28TL2, 1415T 2021 2123 2166 - see chassis TV2KM, TV3K

START 1416A, 2136QF (CPU NTDA9381C312A, chassis PCB TH29PNL-A.PCB) - on the remote press "MENU" 8500. Select sub groups - buttons 0-9.
Approximate value:
MENU1 band = 2 av-cfg = 0 ntsc-mix = saf video-out = cvbs pin = 5 ntsc-pro = 0 start-time = 6
MENU2 vision-if = 38.9 dk = on bg = on i = 0n m = off sif-prefer = bg auto-sound = on
MENU3 start-on = on eng = on arab = off pers = off turk = off fra = off rus = on bulg = off portug = off
MENU4 s-con = 63 s-col = 50 s-shp = 48 s-tint = 12 y-pal = 7 y-ntsc = 7 y-sec = 7 y-av = 7 u-vol = on u-vol = 32 tda9874-gain = 15 6 cathode = sc-bri = 32
MENU5 osd-vp = 60 osd-hp = 21 wide = 20 zoo m = 55 MENU-title = 0 logo-addr = 0 logo-val = 0 logo = write
MENU6 search = speed = 1
MENU7 agc-top = 20 agc-speed = 1 1 = sp-30 sp-25 sp-50 = 50 = 70
MENU8 freq = 50hz vsl-ope = 40 vshift = 30 va mp = 45 vscor = 20 hshift = 31 rgb-hshift = 6 rgb-hpos = 0
MENU9 bt = 48 ct = 48 sc = off rb = 32 gb = 32 rd = 32 gd = 28 bd = 32 sb = 42
MENU0 avl = on fsl = on f mws = off ffi = off oso = on fco = off woof = off dual-out = 0 vol-pin = pushpull

START 2116 (chassis JL-500) - on the remote press "MENU" 8633. Select sub groups - buttons 0-9.

START 20CX7 - see chassis TV-2K (TV2K).

Option 1: Quickly press "MUTE", "OK", "TV". Record - click "OK". Instead of "TV" possible "M". Exit: TV.
Option 2: Quickly press "OK / M", "TV", "MUTE".
Option 3: click on the remote [i] -> [M (red)] -> [P (prog)]. The [M] - memory option. Exit service mode - [TV]. IMPORTANT: If the output manager 27 processor (connected to "ground" through resistor 10kOm) put through this resistor to +5 V, then the full menu is available (standard range of color and sound).

SUPER AV-888 chassis G700 processor S3F880AXZZ-AQBA.
To enter service mode press consistently POWER - MUTE - CALL - TIMER - "snake arrow button.

SUPRAS14N7A, processor TDA9381PS/N3/3/2009 CK1146 - see chassis 3P51

SUPRA S21SL10 processor TDA9384PS/N3/3 - see chassis 3P52E.

SUPRACTV-21NX processor LC863328C-55W0, LA76810A - see chassis 3Y11.

SUPRAS14N8 processor M37160MAH-09CFP - see chassis 4B-1

SUPRA Chassis H-704V-05 ST 21B55F, processor SDA555XFL-A14 NN5198K, sound MSP3460G. Click on the remote control "DISPLAY". "MUTE". "SLEEP". "FUZZY". "DISPLAY".

SUPRA S-29F7A TDA9384PS/N3/3 - see chassis 3P52E.

SUPRA STV2091W. With the universal remote RZ-1966 (AV-8), code 159, press: "MUTE" MENU ".
Subparagraphs servisnohomenyu:
F - as usual - the total discharges stray all settings.
G - the entrance to the service.
F - out of service, data is stored.
E - in the service mode activated "Heat Run". The same button - exit from this mode.

Expand the original console. Lowest right button (it does not appear on the cover of the remote) - a service entrance. More like on most TV sets - "volume" and "channels" - the choice of adjustment options, remember avtomattychno happens, you should not confirm. Exodus - POWER OFF

Click the "VOL-" on TV and quickly press the "INFO" on remote 3 times.

TAURAS (TAURAS) ST1411T processor ST92T195
Sign in service - close to the remote 12 and 26 pins on the original remote (if parse) yellow button located under the button "Service".

TAURASProcessor ST92T195 - see chassis TV2K.

TCL CPU M37221M4-322SP - see chassis M11.

TCL Chassis M13, processor TCL-A18V01-TO 87CP38N-4CP1 (87CP38N-4GD1) M13VR2V1/TCL-M13,
Chassis M28 TCL-A19V01-TO 8821CPNG4GD9 TCL-A19V03-TO 8821CPNG4U88 TCL-A19V07-PO 8821CPNG5SV5 TCL-A30V02-TO 8821CRNG4JB2 - see chassis M13, M28.

TCL Chassis M35, M36 processor VCT3831A - see appropriate chassis

TCL processor TDA12062H/N1F00 - see chassis M66.

TCL processor 1207H/N1D00- see chassis M68.

TCL Processor TCL-A25V02-T0 8857CRNG5DU1 - see chassis M113.

TCL L42M61F processor MST6M69L-LF.
1. Set volume to 0.
2. The cursor will move to position "contrast"
3. Schvydko digital dial buttons "9, 7, 3, 5.

TCL Processor 8821CRNG5JB2 TCL-A30V02-TO
In the operating mode of the TV volume to decrease to 0, then press and hold the button on the front panel VOL-, press the remote button "DISPLAY" 3 times. Exit - click "OK" to install "FACTORY OFF", then press the "STANDBY" button on the control

TECHNIKA chassis 17MB22-2 LCD32-207 processor VCT6973G - see chassis 11AK19.

TELEFUNKEN chassis 619A, 619A-2 BS920D \ DP, CPU CCU3000.
While holding "SOUND" on the remote power switch. Hold about 10 seconds. Exit - to keep the button "SOUND MUTE" on the remote control.

TELEFUNKEN processor chassis 618 HD404018 pressing "R" "VOL" and turn on the power. Hold the button to display the SS on the indicator.
Exodus - POWER OFF


chassis IDC2.2.01, Processor: CCU3000 EPROM.
Television sets are based on a set series of DIGIT 2000. All adjustment are produced in the service mode using standard control buttons and keyboards local bar.
1. Swap TV in another mode.
2. Off with TV network switch.
3. Enable TV network switch when pressed the red button remote (button to hold down until the green LED illumination).
Sign in service mode is impossible if the SCART connectors present voltage> 0,9 V. Please turn off all external devices, particularly for SCART.
Service Regulation:
- Select the desired option for adjustment is carried out after choosing the appropriate regulatory group.
Group number is selected by using 1 and 0/AV.
- To select a group of regulation 10 or 11 you must press 1 and hold it until the appearance on screen povidomlennya''1 -: --'', then press the button 0 or 1.
- Change the value held by knopok''''i''-control''.
- Return to the previous installation is made using the green button. In this case will be called popuredni value from memory.
- Use the yellow button is a return to industrial installations.
- Introduction of the memory is made using red button.
- If necessary, switch to TV mode, press the blue button.
Control voltage 2-anode kinescope:
- Warmed up TV for 10 minutes.
- Sign a service mode and select group of 10 "CONFIG 10: -".
- Choose a code 06, set it to 1 and click on the blue button "VT".
- Using potentiometer SCREEN (on transformer WN) set the pointer on the scale in the middle (on a scale value should be about 090 / + -10 units.).
- Regulation should cause discoloration of the scale from red to green.
- Exit the service mode.
Other regulations:
Settings related to the frequency generator PAL / NTSC, with geometry images, and D2-MAC decoder and PIP. In each case you should select a group of functions, then enter the appropriate code ambiguous. Regulation should be carried out by using''+'' and''-''.
Setting the TV system configuration is done by selecting regulatory groups 9, 10 or 11.
Exit from service: Click on "MUTE" control.

TELESTAR PT-92 chassis 6855, 6870 processor TDA935x/6x/8x
On TV, simultaneously pressing the "SUB-PAGE" on the remote and "VOLUME-DOWN" panel TV. Options:
OptByte1-0_PalB / G, 1_PalD / K, 7_SecB / G
OptByte2-0_SecD / K
Exodus - "TV".

THOMSON Processor TDA12020H/N1 F00 - see chassis ETC009 - ETC010.

chassis processor ETC210 TDA12070H/N1F00 SE1716.1 (V8-T02M61-08M15). Turn on the TV, hold button "PROG-" and "VOL-". Hold the button 8 seconds. Quit - QUIT in the service menu.

THOMSON 63MT68L, 72MT68L, 63DF68L, 25DH65J, 72DF68L, 29DH65J, 29DF65J, 85MX69L, processor ST9093 - see chassis ICC9.

THOMSON Processor ST90R91 - see chassis ICC10.

THOMSON 21DG22E, 21DK24E, 21DK24E1, 21DK24U, 21DP210G, 21DU21C, 21DU21E, 21DU22C, 21DU22E, 21DU24E, 21DX210S, 21DX25E, 21DX25EA, 21DX25ES, 21MT21E, 21MT22E, 24WK21E, 24WK22E, 24WK24E, 24WK25EG, 24WT25E, 25DG16E, 25DG16ET, 25DG17KG, 25DG21E, 25DG22E, 25DG25EG, 25DG25ES, 25DH21E, 25DH22E, 25DT21E, 25DT22E, 25DU21E, 25DU24E, 25DX210S, 25DX25ES, 25DX25KG, 25DX25KH, 25MH21E, 25MN16ET, 28DF21E, 28DF22E, 28DG16E, 28DG16ET, 28DG21E, 28DG22E, 28DG23K, 28DG24E, 28DK24E, 28DK25E, 28DK25ES, 28DK26ED, 28DN20E, 28DN22E, 28DP25EG, 28DP25ES, 28DT21E, 28DT22E, 28EX22E, 28VK24U, 28VK25E, 28VK25EG, 28VK25ES, 28VK26UW, 28WD210S, 28WF25E, 28WF25EG, 28WF25ES, 28WH200S, 28WN22E, 28WR23EG, 28WS21E, 28WS22E, 28WS24E, 28WS26EW, 28WT25ES, 28WT25ST, 28WX210S, 28WZ210S, 29DF25EB, 29DF25EG, 29DF25EL, 29DF25ER, 29DF25ES, 29DF25KG, 29DF25KH, 29DH21E, 29DH22E, 29DJ24E, 29DJ25EG, 29DL200G, 29DL21E, 29DL22C, 29DL22E, 29DL24E, 29DL25ED, 29DU21E, 29DU22E, 29DX210KH, 29DX210KP, 29DX210S, 29DX25ES, 29DX25KG, 29DZ210S, 29MH21E, 29MH22E, 32VK24U, 32VK25E, 32VK25EG, 32VK25ES, 32WF200G, 32WF25E, 32WF25EG, 32WF25ES, 32WH210S, 32WN22E, 32WS21E, 32WS23E, 32WS24E, 32WS26EW, 32WS26NW, 32WT210S, 32WX210S, 33MF22E, 33MF22EG, 33MS21E, 33MS24E, 33MS24EG, 33MS25UD 92R195B9Q0/JAM - see chassis ICC17.

THOMSON 28DT78ME, 28WS78KE/M/MP, 28DH78K, 28DU78K, 28DU88M/NE, 28DU98MP, 32VT88NP, 37WS88ME-see chassis ICC19.

THOMSON 29DC200B processor TDA9554PS/N3/2/1703 - see Chassis: ITC008.

THOMSON 21DCH61KG processor TDA12060H \ N1F00 - see chassis M61.

THOMSON 29DCH61KG processor TDA 12062H/N1F00 - see chassis M68.

THOMSON, SABA 21MG77C - see chassis TX90.

THOMSON 21MX135S processor TDA9554PS/N1/1I0674 - see chassis ТХ-807S.

52RW64E, 44RW65ES, 52RW65ES, 52RW77WS.
Turn on the TV, hold button "PROG-" and "VOL-".

THOMSON 14CB10C Monoblock. Processor TMPA8700-XXXX.
Simultaneously press the front of the TV "Stop" and "Pr" and turn on the power.
The first figure for the DK regime of 16 and that there should be 4, the menu for the Russian 15th and 16 and figures to be 1 and 5, respectively.

29DCH61KG TDA 12062H/N1F00
Sign in service menu:
Volume set to "0", hold it, click on «CAPS» three times, beginning with service mode: «EXIT» - «TV / AV».

TOPAZ 63TTS-6476 processor SDA5522 A005. Video STV2248H - see CPU SDA5522.
TOPFIELD CE-6432 processor 8827CPNG4RV8 - see chassis M13, M17.

TOSHIBA 29VH36G - see chassis 11AK53.

chassis C7SS 28W7D processor TMP87CS38N-3477,
PD1563 21CSZ2R processor chassis MN101EO4GAC, 338U1M87,
chassis S5E C6S 2050 2150, 1478XR, 1450, 1458, 20N3 2163DB/DD/DF/DN/DS processor M3722M6-A80SP/A81SP/B80SP/B84SP,
chassis S6E 2160XHC M37222M4-C87SP,
chassis S8E. S9E, 21G3XHE, 21G3XR processor TMP87CK38N, video-TB1231CN,
14A3E/14A3R/14A3M/14A3MJ/14A3H processor 21A3TR/R/M/MJ (87CK38N-3DV8),
2185XR, 29AX9UM.
Click on "MUTE" on the remote control. Click on it again and hold "MENU" on TV.
Buttons 1, 2, 3 "- cutoff R, G, B," 4 "- kopektsiya kontpasta," 5 "-" Color trickness "," 6 "-" TNTC "(self-dependent color PAL -NTSC-SECAM), "8" - test audio signal at a frequency of 1 kHz, "9" - Self, "AV" - vybip test signal. Enable test signal: a service profile, click => on the remote control.
Init memory: a service mode, press the "CALL" and "CHANNEL (s)" simultaneously. Attention! You may not initialize memory until replaced by the chip.
To counter skyduvannya protection "0" and simultaneously press CALL CHANNEL (t) on TV.
Exodus - POWER OFF.
Update: on TV, where there is no button "MENU", a small hole in the front which button - press match.

TOSHIBA chassis TMC574A VTD1420 processor 195C6PC00ECF011A, video STV2246H - login service: click on "Vol-" on the front of TV while "6" on the remote control. Options as INIT January 2000 - the second line CRT on 9A4E.

TOSHIBA 2512-DD, 7010HYP (chassis C5, processor SONY CXP80420-121). Simultaneously press the "F" and "AV" on the remote, then enter code 1048.

2929DD, 2812DS CPU CXP80424-144
While holding "F" command from the remote file "AV". Then you type "1" "0" "4" "8" when set to 1048 numbers will appear white. After a few seconds appear in the right corner of the letter "M". Press and hold button "F" press "9", will test.
Press and hold button "F" click "2" - screen goes blank but the sound is. Press and hold button "F" click "Z" - will display settings that your TV from position 16 to 43 (to change position by pressing the "z". Will grow if you make a button "S" positions will be reduced). Exodus - POWER OFF

TRILUX PB410 TAP214x T / TN / TNP / TNX / TNPX, TAP254x T / TN / TNP / TNX / TNPX, TAP284x T / TN / TNP / TNX / TNPX processor SDA5052M C17
Close Out 1967 IC501 CPU to "block". Enable TV network switch when you click "P +" and "P-" panel TV.
In TVs with versions 1.06 or higher processor - additionally click on "HOLD" control. Exit: "MENU" or "i" or turn off the power.

TV2KF, TV2K, TV3K chassis - both on the remote and press OK SERVICE, or SERVICE (on chip remote lock pins 11 and 25) and then OK. You receive the first group of parameters. Clicking OK results in the transition to other group settings.
To capture "lock" on TV just click the green several times in succession (RR) button on the remote control. Then go to the menu and remove the "lock" ..

TV2KM chassis, processor ST92T195D7B1/MNK. Press hidden button on the remote control (located under cursory button down triangle in the bottom row of buttons - the average, to break the window and set the button). Navigating the menus "P +", "P-", control settings buttons "VOL +" VOL-. To go to the submenu click "OK". Out of service - "STANDBY".

TV2KY chassis, processor LC863532B.
Method One: Click on the remote control button "FACTORY" in the absence of press "MENU" and until the menu screen displayed on the TV remote control Enter the code "6" "4" "8" "3". Exit - as "MENU 6483" or "PP".
Method Two: Closed pins 2 and 16 circuits HC7461 (hidden bottom left button) on the remote control. To remember the settings and exit the menu item 03 MENU PROD MODE, set it to "0" and press "MENU".

TV4K chassis - to enter the service mode button on the remote control is "SERVICE", near the buttons "STOP" and "CANSEL". If you press "SERVICE" should not be turned on any TV menu. In service mode: when you click "OK" - directed to the "SERVICE 2", clicking "ENTER" - transition to regimes "SERVICE 3" and "SERVICE 4." Button "PP" - out.

TV8, TV9, TV17
chassis. Sign in service: turn the power button, hold unopky "VOL +" and "P-" on the front panel for 5 seconds and not pidpuskayuchy them on the remote control (remote control 204), press simultaneously the buttons "PICTURE MENU" (red or yellow) and VIDEOTEXT (blue). If there is no "native" control, the MAC code on the remote 1141 or 1041. Output - power off or press TV (in the native remote control). Plunk group settings - buttons "P +", "P-", choose option - click "PICTURE MENU" (yellow or red), change the settings - buttons "VOL + , "VOL-", remembering the changes - click OK.
If there is a remote control RC-5, instead of two buttons to press or TV EXIT (picture of screen output from the AV).
TV4, TV8, TV9 chassis. From any standard remote control RC-5 can provide the command "TV", it is similar to the team with home console when you press the red and blue buttons.
TV17 - for removing the protection of children need a service mode, and then click the "up-down menu to reach the" Reset Child Protection ", then click" right "set to" 1 "and click" OK ".

TV84 chassis, processor S3P8837 + STV2118 - on the remote press HOLD (text stop key), MIX (text mix key) and BLUE (blue key).

TV91 chassis, processor SAA5290 (CTV810S) - the entrance to the service: supply by remote control in RC5-code the address of 7 and command code 0 or 58 (figures are in decimal notation) or closed 20th leg CPU "LED" on mass. The team must be submitted when the TV is in safe mode or view programs.

TX807, TX807C, TX90, TX91, TX92, TX92F TX-807, TX-807C, TX-90, TX-91, TX-92, TX-92F chassis, processor ST9291 - off with remote control, then power off. Turn the power while pressing the teletext button on the remote (blue). If not work, then let go and teletext button again to quickly press. Lights service menu. Exodus - POWER OFF.

UNIMOR, SIESTA-3 Processor SDA20562-A508, SDA20562-A515/A522.
Lock output processor 21 of the mass. Click on the TV "P +" and "P-" and turn on the power. Exodus - POWER OFF.

chassis E6, FT4261/70/81/83/A FT-4275 processor SAB-C502-2R20N,
Chassis E9, SDA5255-052 processor, video TDA884x.
Enable TV, exit to the next operating mode for 5 seconds and consistently press "TV", "i", "STOP".
Entry from Mak Maxi 2002: Code = 1273.
Value only son of buttons:
"TV" = Rec / Erase
"I" = <</ RADIO
"STOP" => / LNB
All buttons in the two lower ranks.
Shift H / V = Sound MENU
Exodus - POWER OFF.

Consistently within 4 seconds. click: "VOL-" on the front of TV on the remote "PROG" "-" "?". Exodus - POWER OFF.

7500. Transfer to regular TV mode then quickly several times "MENU" "TV" "Info".
Enable D / K - press the red button, in addition, five IF OPT change penultimate bit (on the remote press 3). Exodus - POWER OFF

UNIVERSUM FT7174C processor SDA2084-A012.
1. Click on the remote control "P / C" and click "SERWISE" on the front of TV.
2. Lock pins 16 and 24 on the processor and turn on the power.
Buttons "1-9" select remote mode settings. "22-R" "23-G" "24-B" "25-HO" "26-HF" "27-VL" "1928-VC" "29-VA" "1932-HA".
Save settings - click "P / C" "-" on the remote control.
Exodus - POWER OFF.

UNIVERSUM FT7199 processor SDA30C264M.
1.Vymknuty TV is another mode.
2.Natysnuty "Volume-" on the front and both "MENU" button on the control.
3.Vidpustyty "Volume-" and "MENU". Dial consistently "TV", then "i" on the remote control.
4.Na front of the TV lights up red LED, push the red button on the remote start button and the "i" - TV switch, then press the remote button "i"-lights up "SERVISE"
Remember - "OK."
Exit - turn off the TV from the network.

UNIVERSUM FT-8188 processor SDA30C264M - see chassis 11AK18.

VESTEL Processor CTV422M VE1 - see chassis 11AK08.

VESTEL CPU ST92195 - see chassis 11AK19 and 11AK20.

VESTEL chassis 17MB22-2 processor VCT6973G - see chassis 11AK19.

VESTELProcessor ST92195C7B1/MIF - see chassis PT90.

VESTEL Processor TDA9353PS/N1/3S0342 - see chassis PT92.

VIDIMAX 74TTS-721 (VD2960TF), Processor: VCT3831A.
Sign in service: in the menu to switch to English, exit the menu, press the "CAPS", release the button and immediately press "REVEAL".

VIDIMAX VD2151TF processor ST92T195D7B1/MNK - see chassis TV2KM.

VIDO Chassis CH-1920 CPF-29T99 processor TDA9594H/N1/SI.
With remote install "VOL" at a minimum, then press and hold the "MUTE" on the remote and press "MENU" on TV.

VIKING 54CTV-6741.
The central board enabled when the TV and lock pins XN1 XN2.

VITYAZ (Knight)
MSH-37 chassis 37CTV -730 processor ST92195B2, video STV2249E.
Sign in technological menu can be made in two ways:
- The operating contact connector briefly closed 1XN1;
- In the next screen, click successively on the remote control buttons: "M", "OK", "mute", "duty mode".
When you log in technological first menu item - "Configuration". The following paragraphs: "Setup TV», «Setting KVN", "Memory", "Password", "Initialize" can be selected using the buttons "+ R" and "R-". Enter any submenus by using the key "OK" at the appropriate point.
Exit from any submenu is pressing «ESC». The value of each sub menu buttons can be changed "+" and "-".
To save the settings click the button "M" on the remote control.
Exit from the technological menu is a button «ESC».
The menu item "Preferences WHC in the described model is not activated.
After replacing the memory when installing the cursor to the line "Initializing" and click "OK" then "?" The record in memory of certain values of different parameters, providing a TV performance.

VITYAZ MSH-66 chassis 37/51/54 CTV 6611, 37/51 CTV 6621, 51CTV 6711/6721, 54CTV 6641/6651/6741/6751 - in remote RC-5 (IC SAA3010, INA3010) to terminals 27 and 17 connect button enter the service menu. Saving changes: click on "M", is based on the submenu. Exodus - "ESC".

VITYAZ MSH-chassis 69 63CTV6151-1, 63CTV6601, 63CTV6642, 63CTV6644, 63CTV6687-303, 72CTV6642, 70CTV6151, 72CTV6644, 72CTV6687-403, SDA555XFL-A14. Entrance to the TV service menu you can make short-circuits on the board connector XN1 BU-90m. To save memory in the TV settings tehnomenyu click on the "M" on the remote control.

VITYAZ MSH-71 chassis 38CTV710-1TS, 54CTV740-1TS, 54CTV770-1TS processor TDA9353PS/N3.
1. With remote Knight: STBY-M-OK-MUTE-STBY.
2. With remote Horizon: STBY-i-SEL-MUTE-STBY.

VITYAZ MSH-73 chassis 15CTV720-3, 21CTV780-3 processor: TDA9381PS/N3/1/1752, TDA9352PS/N3/2/1925, TDA9352PS/N3/2/1116.
Sign in service mode exercise in two ways:
1. operating quickly contacts lock connector XN1;
2. in safe mode click on the remote button sequence M, OK, MUTE, STBY.
Remote control buttons in the service mode ayut following meanings:
P + / - - navigate menus;
Vol + / - and OK - choice of parameters;
AV - out of the swing;
ESC or AV - out of service mode.

VITYAZ MSH-76 chassis 25CTV720 29CTV720 TDA9365PS/N3/5.
Sign in service mode: operating quickly contacts lock connector XN1.

VITYAZ MSH-90 chassis 51/54CTV-6722 51/54CTV-6622-2 51/54CTV-6622-2M, processor SDA5521 A003 RC7-2.
Button "i" - entrance / exit to a service mode. Exit - close contacts XN1 near the processor.

VITYAZ MSH chassis 1954-93S 6643-2T CTV processor TDA9351PS/N2/1I0981.
Sign in service menu: STBY-M-OK-MUTE-POWER.
Exodus - ESC or TV.

VITYAZ 51/54CTV-6722 processor 555XFL.
Sign in service mode - close contact XN1 about the processor.
Sign in service mode with universal remote MAK 2002 (maxi), code 1310 teletekstova button with "i".
Button "M" button console meets Knight DISPL RC-5 remote control OK button image corresponds Knight SEL PIC RC-5.

VITYAZ 37/51/54 CTV 6623-2 processor TDA938IPS/H2/LI.0980.
In regular mode, press the button on the control point: "M" OK "" MUTE "" POWER ON ". Exodus - TV.

VITYAZ 63CTV6341 - in safe mode press:
[M] (2 seconds) [OK] (2 seconds) [MUTE] (2 seconds) [Power OFF].

With remote control TV "Horizon" graphics without clicking "service mode ICE", the indicator shows CH, click again - will be OP, then choose the volume of registers numbers "1-4" and numbers "1-9" change bits. Then press the 'Memory'.

WATSON14CTV730-3 processor: TDA9381PS/N3/1/1752 - see VITYAZ MSH-73 chassis.

TV menu, select "Protection of Children," with more control dial 7, red, 9 blue, button to confirm entry M.

YOKO TV6399TSN, TV5599TSN, TV5490TSN processor ST9 MONICA 5.
On TV, pressing the button a few seconds "VOL-" and "VOL +" on the front of the TV.
Exit: CLEAR button or power off.

Dial control with one of the codes and press "ENTER" or "DISPLAY".
Exodus - POWER.

Dial the remote control code 9-8-7-6 and press "ENTER" or "DISPLAY", beginning - "POWER".

Enable [MENU] and within two seconds, click the following key: [9], [8], [7], [6], [INTER]-or-[9], [8], [7], [6] , [DISPLAY] You will now have access to the service menu.
[MENU] = switches between the two menu pages. [UP], [DOWN] = cursor selects the item (item) to adjust. [LEFT], [RIGHT] = cursor changes values. [POWER] = mode exit and save.

Purpose Of Some Electronic Components In Electronic Circuits

Understanding The Purpose Of Some Electronic Components In Electronic Circuits.

An electronic circuit consist of few or lots of electronic components for it to function properly. The electronic circuits such as the power supply, vertical, horizontal, high voltage, scanner, audio, color, memory, inverter, converter, feedback and etc are the circuits that forms the purpose of electronic equipment. In other words, different electronic equipment have different task because it has different types of electronic circuits in it. This article is about to reveal the purpose of some electronic components in those electronic circuits. Let’s begin and analyse those components.




If you have repair electronic equipment before, I believe you have definitely seen a relay in electronic circuits. Sometimes in a circuit can have more than few relays. A relay is basically a switch operated by magnetic force. This magnetic force is generated by flow of current through a coil in the relay. The function of a relay is to open or close a circuit, when current through the coil is started or stopped. Now, the question is why there is a diode located parallel to the coil in the relay as seen from the schematic below?




The diagram shows how a signal diode (eg 1N4148) is connected across the relay coil to provide this protection.






Current flowing through a relay coil creates a magnetic field which collapses suddenly when the current is switched off. The sudden collapse of the magnetic field induces a brief high voltage ‘spikes’ across the relay coil which is very likely to damage ICs and Transistors. The diode which is also called as protection diode allows the induced voltage to drive a brief current through the coil (and diode) so the magnetic field dies away quickly rather than instantly. This prevents the induced voltage becoming high enough to cause damage to ICs and transistors.



Damper Diode


For your information the damper diode can be found built into the HOT or in the circuit. Because of the high inductance and interwinding capacitance of the yoke and flyback transformer, the circuit must be damped out during retrace to prevent ringing. In other word, the damper is used to prevent oscillation in electronic circuit.








Note: Ringing means unwanted oscillation of a signal.


Zener Diode In FET


You may wonder why there is a zener diode connected internally between the drain and the source pin. Mosfets are really sensitive to overvoltage (large voltage spikes) conditions so, to prevent reactive load spikes from destroying your MOSFET (when it switched off) a zener diode is commonly added across the source to drain.




Note: For your information, in some electronic circuit, the zener diode can be connected externally.


RCD Clamp Network


RCD means resistor, capacitor and diode. If you have seen a power supply schematic before, I’m sure you had came across such components that are located besides the primary winding as seen from the schematic diagram below. The function of these circuit (or components) is more or less the same like the damper diode. Whenever the power FET turns off, the leakage inductance of the transformer induces a voltage spike on the drain node. In order to protect the power FET against (inductive) spikes from the transformer primary and to reduce ringing, components R1, C3 and D1 are placed in the circuit. The amplitude of the spike can now be limited by this circuit. 




Conclusion- Of course there are lots more of electronic circuits in the market and there is no way I can reveal all of them. May be you can take this article as a guide to help you to find out the purpose of those electronic components that found in your type of electronic equipment that you are working on.


The advantage of knowing such components in those circuits is that when you want to design electronic circuits, at least you will know what type of components you should put in that circuit. Even if you are not designing any electronic circuits, at least you know the function of those components in the electronic circuits.



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