Service mode for TV (part 07)


SANYO Chassis A8-B C28WK1N processor M37201E6-E8WW - hold the button "MEMORY" on TV, click the "NORM" on the remote control .. Exodus - POWER OFF.

SANYO chassis AS6A CE21CE1 processor LA76936DE,
chassis C5GS CE21KF8,
chassis FC3-G2 CF21KF8R processor QXXAVC305P,
Chassis FC6-A CE21FS2 processor QXXAVC568,
CE14SA4 processor LC863140V - to enter the service simultaneously press the "VOL +" on TV and "MENU" button on the control. Go to options - "MUTE", "timer", change parameters - "Vol +", "Vol-" .-) Also available submenus: "MENU" + "Vol-", "MENU" + "Ch +", "MENU" + "Ch-". Exodus - both "MENU" on TV and "MENU" button on the control.

SANYO chassis VEKO U99.190-07 CE28SW01, processor OM8363H/n3/4 CC6616 VATXMO, see TDA9345PS/N3/3/1913.- processor chassis E1

chassis C5GS CE21KF8,
chassis FC3-G2 CF21KF8R processor QXXAVC305P,
Chassis FC6-A CE21FS2 processor QXXAVC568 .. Hold down the control button on "Menu", click on the front of TV "VOL +". Flipped mode - the buttons "Timer", "MUTE". Change the value of "VOL +" "VOL-". Also available submenus: "Menu" "VOL-" "Menu" "Ch" "Menu" "Ch-". Exodus - "MENU" on TV and "MENU" button on the control.

SANYO Chassis EB1-28 CEP2876DA, processor SAB8032 - press (MEMORY) on TV and immediately (INDEX / MENU) on the remote control. Exit - button (TV).

chassis EB4-A C28ER17EE-00 C28EH/ER14/89, processor SAA5290ZP/033, C28EH65N processor SAA5290 - click (F) on the remote control button and immediately (P +) on TV. Exit - click (RECALL)

SANYO chassis EB5-W, CE28/32WN3, processor SAA5563PSM30053 - click the "VOL-" on the front of the TV and hold it down, click on the button panel zelenuyu (teletext).
In the service menu available memory initialization: for that go to submenyu MORE, choose position INI NVM, Confirm button "VOL +", exit the service mode and turn off the TV. Then turn on TV and set the station.
Profiles and HOTEL RENTAL - press and hold "VOL-" on the front of TV and press the RECALL button on the remote control. On the inscription: HOTEL: nn, where the first figure - a mode TV (0 - normal mode 1 - mode HOTEL, 2 - mode RENTAL); second figure - a program which was installed after you turn on TV mode is different from RENTAL HOTEL what button VOL + / VOL-active. To exit the mode or HOTEL RENTAL need color saturation set to zero.

SANYO Chassis EB-6A CE28DN5-C processor ST92R195, SE-28DN5C, CE32 FWH4-B - holding (F / OK) on the remote, press the (P-) on TV, or holding the green button on the remote, press the (P-) on TV . Exit - click (Recall).

SANYO chassis ED-1, ED1-28, CEP2572-00, CEP2573-2000 CEP2872 CEP2873 - simultaneously press "SERVICE" on the remote and "MEMORY" on TV. Button "SERVICE" = "RESET" (or TV / AV).

SANYO Chassis FB1-B CE29FS2 processor TDA12020H/N1F00 - on the remote press and hold [MENU], while at the front of the TV press [R +] 3-4 times (each time you change the screen saver menu). Exit - click on the remote [MENU].

SANYO chassis HA2A CE28BH2C CE28BH3C CE28CH2C - press and hold the green (GREEN) button on the remote control and simultaneously (P +) in front of the TV. Button RECALL - exit from the submenu. To initialize memory - press and hold (NORMAL) on the remote control and simultaneously (P +) in front of the TV, then you can turn off the power.
SANYO chassis NA2A CE-28BH-2 (option): - power off. Hold down the button "VOL-" on TV, turn on the power.

SANYO C28EH65N processor SAA5290
Click on "F" on the remote control button once and "P +" on TV. Exodus - "RECALL".

SANYO CE28DN5C, CE32FWH4-B has two types of service:
1. hold the "F / OK" on the remote, press the "P-" on TV.
2. hold the green button on the remote, press the "P-" on TV. The second service can not enter without first closing.

SANYO Processor M34300N4-628SP.
Unlock: Elections feed with "X" "X". Press the "S" and 3 seconds to keep the appearance of «SP -». Enter the code from the remote "9" "0" and press the "MEMO" on TV. Other options:
Activating search mode SP30? MEMO
SP ---
00 reset values set
01 reset all the special features
50 unit to power up through regular mode
51 unit to power up
70 Search for the channel scan
71 for erasing the memory channel scan
72 in addition to scanning memory
1990 unlock

SANYO CE29F60 processor TCL-A25V02-T0 8857CRNG5FF4 - see M113 chassis

SANYO CE14N01 processor TCL-A30V02-TO 8821CRNG5JB2 - see M28 chassis

SAPFIR (Sapphire). For switching the TV in service mode with remote control to dial the code 062 596.

SATURN ST1401. ST2101 - see the chassis M17, M28

SATURN ST2939A, - see chassis 5N11.

SATURN ST21NF1 - see chassis 3S10.

SATURN Series NF-1. To enter the service mode operating double-clicking the button "MENU" remote mode select "PICTURE MODE". After that point the remote control buttons to press "Q. VIEW" and "MUTE". Switch submenu button is "TIMER" on the remote. Exodus - "MENU".

SATURN chassis 3Y01 - see the corresponding chassis.

SATURN ST1422, ST21NF1D, ST21NF2, ST2199.
Turn on the remote control buttons to press: "MENU", "AV", "ANAL". Flipping page click "OK" Go - "PP".

SATURN ST1401 ST2101 - see M17 chassis

SATURN ST2132SF - for this model need a special service remote.

SATURN ST21F1 processor TDA9381PS/N3/2/1973 - see processor TDA9381-7NA.

ST29F1. - Turn off the TV, click Control Panel "VOL +" and "VOL-" (or "PRG +" and "PRG-") and switch on TV.

SATURN 29SF1 - click on one button on the remote: "CLOCK" "PM" "Timer (clock). Output - Channel View button (DISPLAY).

SATURN chassis PX20043 ST-2104 TDA9381PS/N3/2/1973.
Click on the remote control "MENU", then dial 8500 (or 6483). To confirm the entry in service in the left corner will appear a red letter "M", subparagraphs choose numbers from 0 to 9 and then press "MENU". Exit - click twice "Standby" button on the control.

SCHNEIDER chassis DIGIT2000 STV6550 processor CCU2070.
Click both "S" on TV and the "C" on the remote control to exit - "TV"

SCHNEIDER chassis DTV3, DTV4, TV8, TV9, TV17, PT90, PT92 - see appropriate shvsi.

SCHNEIDER chassis TV9 PAL STV630 - entrance to service the same chassis TV8, TV9, but remote RC-6.
To install multystandartu (SECAM, D / K) must be installed option 0E20 = 01 for chassis TV9.1; 0E50 = 01 for chassis TV9.6

SCHNEIDER DIGITECH-300 processor CCU3001 - see chassis DTV-DTV-March 4.

SCHNEIDER VCT3831A see processor chassis M35.

SCHNEIDER Processor 1207H/N1D00 - see chassis M68.

SCHNEIDER RT9-110 chassis. STV-7016 TDA 9353PS/N1/2L0248.
Toggle menu into English, then: SUB-PAGE (clock THT) on the remote and "Volume-" at the TV.

SCHNEIDER TV1003. To enter service on the remote control buttons to press "MUTE", "RED", "EXIT". Exit from the menu - "EXIT".

SCHNEIDER chassis DTV101 - see chassis DTV3, but press "P +" and "P-".

SCHNEIDER chassis CTR AA - turn on the program 75, press "MENU" on the front and at the same time "i +" on the remote, then "i +".

SEG CT8050, CT8100 - see chassis 11AK18

SEG CT7800, CT5561 - see chassis 11AK19

SELECO chassis BS950 21/25/28SS564 processor SECO18A, SECO19 (SE8800UP).
Lock output processor 31 to S11 a lot. Click on "P / C" on the remote control.
Exodus - "TELETEXT".

SELECO chassis FPC2001 KU6360 processor TDA9364PS/N1/3S0509.
Sign in service: click once "M" on the front of TV and "POWER" on the remote control.

SELECO chassis FPC2002.2 51M12X30A processor TDA9350PS/N2/2/0771, TDA9350PS/N2/2/0563.
Sign in service - press the button once "OSD" (DISPLAY) on the front of TV and click "STBY" on the remote control.

If you accidentally activate the access code to reset the TV it can be long (1.5 minutes) by pressing the button "VOL-".

ARP Chassis 4BS-A, DV-5460SC, DV-5461SC, DV5462SC processor IX1492BMN3,
Chassis BCTV-A DV-5935H processor SAB8032,
DV5450SC, DV5451S, DV3760, DV3750S DV5460SC, DV5461SC, DV5462SC. DV5932H, DV5935H, DV5837H, DV6340S, DV6635H, DV7032SSN, 66AS06H (chassis BCTVA, BDTVA), DV5940H, DV6640H, 66AS05H (chassis 4BS-C processor SAB8032), DV5105H (chassis DECO-4), DV5107H, DV5132H, DV5135H (chassis DECO -5), DV3750H, DV3751H, DV5131H, DV5150H (chassis S3B)
To enter service mode need to connect the VIDEO terminal block 2 (block) and 6 (SV), or close the output processor 5 through a lot of resistance 100 ohms. Then press the MODE button on the remote control. A message "SERV". Then remove the jumper. Choice and control - "CH-" and "CH +". Exit - "MODE" or "POWER OFF"

SHARP DV3760H, DV3770H, DV5161H chassis 4BSA - closed three pins (GND) and 6 (service) TV connector on the main board (PWB), "appears on the screen SERV. Disconnect the pins 3 and 6.

Chassis 5BS 37/54AM-12SC, 37/54M-16SC, 37/54AM-23SC processor IX1572BMNO (SDA20561-A529),
Chassis 5BS-A 54AT-15SC,
14T1U processor TDA11106H1/N2/3/AA8.
Chassis CS 70AS-05S, 70CS-06S, 70CS-03S, 63CS-03S. CPU SAB-S502.
Hold down the "VOL-" and "CH +" panel TV, turn on the TV Network button. Exit - "MODE" or "POWER OFF".

SHARP 37AM12SC, 54DT25SC 54AT15SC, 51AT15H (chassis 5BSA), 37DM23H, 37DT35H, 37EM33H, 51DR25H (chassis CA1), 51DS02H, 51DS03H, 51DS05H, 59DS03H, 59DS05H, 59ES03H, 59ES05H, 59ESD7H, 66DS03H, 66DS05H, 66ES05H, 66ESD7H (chassis CA10) , 51CS03H, 51CS05H, 59CS03H, 59CS05H, 59CSD8H, 66CS03H, 66CS05H, 66CSD8H (chassis CS), 66DW18H, 76DW18H (chassis CW100), DV5165H, DV5180H (chassis 4BS-B), DV5165H, DV5180H (chassis 4BS-B)
How to take hotel mode? At the same time (VOL-) on TV and buttons on the remote control.
How to enable service mode? Simultaneously press the button on the TV "VOL-" and "P +" and turn on the TV power fall into the service. Button "P +" You will reach the NVM memory, then you can "VOL +" to reach the address 4D and change the value to 00. It also turns off the hotel mode.

SHARP chassis CA-1 54DT-25SC, 54DT-26SC processor IX1655BMN1, IX1669BMNO (SDA5222),
chassis CA-10 66DS-03H, 66DS-05H, 66ES-03H, 66ES-05H, 70DS-03S, 70DS-05S, 70ES-03S, 70ES-05S processor IX1629BM (SAB-C161K-L16Q),
chassis CA100, DA100.
Hold down the "VOL-" and "CH +" panel TV, turn on the TV Network button. Exodus - "MENU".

DV51083H, DV5903H, DV59083H, DV6603H, DV66083H, DV25071S chassis D3000. Press the switch S1401, located in module RWB-B. To exit click on S1401 again.

SHARP Chassis EURO-DS1 DV-5101H DV-5103H processor CCU3000.
Install jumper between the two output "building" and the output 6 "SV" alarm board located on TV (it contacts the "Tools" at the very top chip KM6264BLG-10). Exit - click on "SKIP" on the remote control to turn off the TV, remove the jumper.

SHARP Chassis EURO-DS1 DV-5403S DIGITAL processor CCU3000
To enter the service you need on-board digital color module briefly close contacts "Tools" at the very top KM6264BLG IC-10. Exit - close the second time these contacts.

SHARP Chassis GA-6 21L-FG1SX, 21L-FG1RU, 21M-FG1RU, processor IXB725WJN1
To enter service mode need to press keys simultaneously "VOL-" and "CH +" panel TV and turn on the TV Network button. When the grid, press "MENU". Exodus - POWER OFF

Chassis GA-200 32JV-76E processor SDA6000
Hold down the "VOL-" and "CH +" turn on the TV panel TV Network button. Exodus - "STANBY"
• Use the P +, P-to move between options.
• Use the volume control buttons to change the data.
• For storage - Mario "STAND BY" or "STORE".
• To exit the service mode switch off the power.
Note: service mode with the color control buttons you can navigate directly to the adjustment parameters.
Press the red button to access geometry.
Click the green button to access the NVM.
Press the yellow button to adjust the ARU.
Click the blue button to adjust CUT OFF (cutoff).

SHARP chassis PAL-A 14D-SC, 14B-SC, 20B-SC, 14D-CM, 21D-CK1, CV-2132CK1 processor IX1704CENI. On board TV set switch position S1008 in the service mode. Exodus - S1008 bring back.

SHARP Chassis S3B DV-5450SC, DV-5451S, DV3760 DV-3750S processor IX1492BMN1 IX1492BMZZ - to enter service mode need to connect the terminal block VIDEO "2" and "6" (closed May processor output to a lot). Then press the MODE button on the remote control. A message "SERV". Then remove the jumper. Choice of regulation "CH-" and "CH +". Exit - "MODE"

SHARP Chassis SP-42M 25FN1, 29FN1 CPU M37210M4-775SP.
On board TV set switch position S1001 in the service mode. To display screen modes by one click on the S-MODE button on the remote control. Exodus - S1001 bring back.

SHARP chassis SP-51 14/21JN1
To enter the menu to provide 5 volts (through 100 resistor Om) 37 output processor.

SHARP chassis SP-70 processor 21FN1 IX2938CEN2.
To enter the menu to set the switch position S1006 in the service mode. To display on the screen one by one mode, press the key S-MODE, S-NORM on the remote, change the key on the remote control - up, down.
Value system menu:
1. SERVICE MODE-service mode.
2. CUT OFF BKGD MODE-mode cutoff background.
3. H-CENT50 h/15-horizontal displacement "50 Hz"
4. H-CENT60 h/15-horizontal displacement "60 Hz"
5. RF AGC h/63 -?
6. VCO h/63 -?
7. SUB CON h/127-contrast adjustment.
8. SUB COL h/127-regulation color.
9. SUB BRI h/127-brightness.
10. SUB TIN h/127-saturation NTSC
11. SUB "VOL" two-volume
12. RF SUB "VOL" h/127-volume
13. BB CON regulation h/127-contrast blue background
14. BB BRI h/127-brightness blue background
16. F-TRAP HIGH "LOW" -?
where x-numeric parameter kokretnoho TV, the second number - the maximum adjustment, for example: "H-CENT50 5 / 15". Exodus - S1006 bring back.

SHARP Chassis UA-1 21AG-2S processor TDA9381PS/N2/1/0542 (IX3368CEN5).
Sign in service: lock switch on the board poses. Number 122 and 124

SHARP Chassis VP-2 VT-1428M, VT-2128M.
Set the TV in another mode, press the buttons on the remote control in the following sequence: "CH UP" for 2 or more seconds and simultaneously press the "POWER". Exodus - "MENU".

SHARP Chassis VP-6. Videodvoyka Sharp VT-1448M, VT-2148M
For service mode switch to STBY, then click on TV "CH +" and hold it for at least 2 seconds, press the TV button "STBY".
Options vysvichuyutsya service mode in the lower left corner of the screen and choose the buttons CH + and CH-, and data change "VOL +" and Vol-.
In direct access mode (DIREKT MODE) button digital remote install:
R CUT OFF -1 "-4" - "
G CUT OFF -3 "-6" - "
B CUT OFF -2 "-5" - "
G DRIVE GAIN -7 "-ctrilky" - "
B DRIVE GAIN -8 "-0" - "
Exit service mode - press "MENU" on the control panel, switch the TV mode STBY, turn off power to the TV.

SHARP 14 \ 21JN1 chassis SP-51: When the microcontroller input 37 for 3 seconds in a state of high level (+5 V), a transition in service.

SHARP 14R-SC/M8/M10, 14R-W, CV-14RU, 21FN1
On board TV set switch position S1006 in the service mode.

SHARP VT-1428M, VT-2128M. TV in STAND BY, power off, press the button on the front of the "P-" and "P +" within 2 or more seconds while the button POWER. Exit from the menu - click MENU.

SHARP 21D1, 21D2 processor IX3368CE (TDA9381).
To enter service mode to switch zakorotyty JA137 and JA138 for a short time while operating. Exit - again zakorotyty jumpers. Jumpers are livishe video processor, under them oval opening in the plate. Settings to control the type of G1342SA. Buttons "CHANNEL UP / DOWN" - move through menus; VOLUME + / - - change. Memorization is automatic.

SHARP 54DT-25SC - removing key:
Method One - Simultaneously "VOL-" on TV and a key button on the remote control.
The second method - simultaneously press the button sound minus and plus channel, turn on TV, get into the service, channel plus distantesya to "NVM memory", then "sound plus distantesya byte to 4D and change it to 00.

Sign in service - simultaneously press the CH + and VOL-TV and turn on. To save the revised information on the remote click "STAND BY" and turn off the TV.

SHIVAKI STV1415 STV2113MK2 - see chassis 11AK20.

SHIVAKI chassis DY300, DY321, DY350 STV1414 / T, STV2023, STV2110.
In the RC5 remote closed circuit 1-11 feet. Then, pressing "9", enter the menu white balance settings and geometry.
Out of service - "STAND BY".

SHIVAKI Chassis DY-900 STV29051. Click on "SERVICE" panel. This image appears on "Line SVC". Then click "-/--" panel.

H-chassis 501 STV-2119. To enter the service menu to consistently push the button on the remote control "DISPLAY" "MUTE" "SLEEP" "FUZZY".
Then when you click "DISPLAY" is geometry adjustment and AGC, and when you click SLEEP - white balance.

SHIVAKI Chassis H-50V, MC-41A STV-216 MULTI STV-2129 CS-29A6HTR. Press
"ST.BY" "MUTE" "MENU" "POWER ON". To exit power off the TV.

SHIVAKI STV-1465 processor 8821SRNG-4RJ,
chassis PAEX0078B-CY CTV2979 processor 8851CPNG,
chassis PAEX0078A-CY (M-1912) STV-2979 processor 8821CPNG4RJ1,
chassis PAEX0159A STV-2179 8821CPNG5UU5,
chassis PAEX0036G STV-1599,
chassis PAEX0171A STV-2175 processor 8821SRNG4RJ1,
chassis PAEXO199A STV-2183 processor 8897SPBMG6PN9,
STV-1469 processor 87CK38N - see chassis M28.

SHIVAKI CTV 2139 processor SAA5541PS/M5/0355.
When button is "AV" on the front panel power switch on the TV and hold "AV" to the emergence of a service menu on screen TV.
The second way: close to 250-500 ms contact service jack H760.
Select options button "P +" or "P-", change the value "VOL +" or VOL-.
Entry in memory - click "TV" remote control.

SHIVAKI STV-101 processor TDA9381PS/N2/3I1300
An option. Expand remote, need some button in the lower left.
2 option. Press the POWER - SLEEP - "MENU" - MUTE - POWER.

SHIVAKI STV-2038M4 - see CPU LC863332A.

SIEMENS chassis CM9300 FC202/204/206/210/212, processor ZC8864P ZC424701. While holding "i" on the remote, turn on the power. Exodus - POWER OFF

chassis CUC6360 FS343 V6, processor XC68HC11F1B4. Sign in service: click on "MENU" "0" "8" 9 ".

SIERA SG1420N processor SAA5531PS/M4/0329
Zakorotyty resistor 3608 labeled SERVIS on the ground (installed near the processor). On TV Network button. In the left corner appears S. Service menu called OSD button on the remote control. Buttons "P +" and "P-" select "SIS OP", buttons "V +" and "V-" set in 2003 (to enable system PAL-SECAM, DK). Next, you must install the filter (instead of already established) 38.0 MHz for the normal passage of sound and color of DK-SECAM, and set capacitor 0,1-0,22 IFF by 38 foot chip STV2246C. The main menu select the desired system.

SINGER chassis FPC 2002.2 SL51M12X230 processor TDA 9350PS/N2/2/0771, TDA9350PS/N2/2/0563. Sign in service - press the button once "OSD" (DISPLAY) on the front of TV and "STBY" on the remote control.

SITRONICSSTV-2160F - see chassis M17, M28.

SITRONICS STV-1401, STV-2101 processor LC863532B - see chassis TV2KY.

SITRONICS chassis IET218821, TC2106A. STV-2131N, STV-2132F processor TMPA8803
To enter the service menu
1. switch the TV on channel 30.
2. switch the TV on channel 88.
3. Set the volume of 0.
4. Press "MUTE".

SITRONICS chassis CH-16 (S), 25F83, PF25F83, PF29F83. STV-2521N, STV-2522F processor TDA9384,
chassis EX-1A1, EX-1A4 STV-1421C, STV-2121N, STV-2122F processor TDA9381PS/N2/2T10.
Set volume to value "0" with remote control. Click the "MUTE" button on the remote and "MENU" on the front of the TV and hold them for 2 seconds. If done correctly you will see a letter «S» or «D».

SITRONICS SB-1415, SB-2139, CPU ST92185 - see chassis 3S10.

SB-2106 processor chassis M5ENGV1 see M5.

SB-2508 Processor TMPA8809 - see chassis M13.

SITRONICS SB-1419, SB-2108, SB-2135 Processor TMP87PS38N-M17 - see chassis M17, M28.

SITRONICS SF-2112 processor TMPA8821PSNG - see chassis M17, M28.

SITRONICS chassis SN9, SN9-EA, SB-2107, SB-2136, SB-2137, SB-2138, SF-2109 processor TMP87CM38N - set the volume to 0. Press MUTE on the remote control and, without releasing, press "MENU" on the front of the TV. If done correctly you will see a letter «D».

LCD-2011/3777 processor SAA5264PS/M3/0104, video STV2248H.
Press "MUTE", "2", "6", "6", "0", "7", "1".

SITRONICSSTV-2160F - see chassis M17.

SOKOL (Falcon) Chassis A-2000-6155 processor 54TTS SDA555XFL/A-2000.
To enter the service menu sequence, press the buttons on the remote control "DISP", "EXPAND", "TIME".

Chassis A-2010Z A-2011Z 37TTS-6150, 51TTS-6150, 54TTS-6150, 37TTS-6152, 51TTS-6152, 54TTS-6152 processor Z90233/A-2010Z,
chassis 37TTS A-2011-6153, 51TTS-6153, 54TTS-6153 processor SDA555XFL/A-2010,
A-2015 chassis MONO A-2015-6151 STEREO 37TTS, 51TTS-6151, 54TTS-6151, 51TTS-6151S, 54TTS-6151S, 54TTS-6151SP processor SDA555XFL,
chassis 37TTS A-2025-6254, 51TTS-6254, 54TTS-6254 CPU Z9025506PSC.
To enter the service menu sequence, press the buttons on the remote control "DISPLAY", "FUZZU" (on some panels looks like an open book), "TIMER". Exit - click on "MENU".

SOKOL A-2020 chassis 37TTS-7261T, 7261T-51TTS, 54TTS-7261T, 37TTS-7261ST, 51TTS-7261ST, 54TTS-7261ST, 37TTS-7150, 51TTS-7150, 54TTS-7150 processor TDA9381/N2, TDA9351PC/N2/1I0982
Method 1. Turn off the TV once on the remote control mode and consistently press "DISPLAY" "ENTER" "MUTE" "POWER ON".
Method 2. Click the button hidden on the motherboard SB101 TV. The level of output voltage CPU 7 will be equal to 2 volts.

SOKOL Chassis A-2021 A-2022-7160 37TTS, 51TTS-7160, 54TTS-7160, 37TTS-7162, 51TTS-7162, 54TTS-7162 processor TDA9381PS/N2/I1326
In service mode you can enter two ways:
1. Click on SB108
2. Switch the TV to another mode, then press the remote button "Display" then "Enter".
Introduction to Memory - button "TV" or "AV" on the remote control.

SOKOL CH-16S chassis 63TTS-8739S, 63TTS-8739FS, 63TTS-8789FS, 72TTS-8739FS, 72TTS-8789FS, 85TTS-8789FS processor TDA9384PS/N2/3I.
To enter the service menu, set the volume to 0. Press and simultaneously hold the "MUTE" on the remote, press the control panel television "MENU". Exodus - Power OFF.

SOKOL chassis EX-1A EX-1A1 EX-1A2-37TTS 8798, 54TTS-8739, 54TTS-8739FS, 54TTS-8789FS processor TDA938X, TDA9381PS/N2/2I109.
To enter the service menu to set the volume control to 0. Click the button on the remote control "MUTE" and hold down, press "MUTE" control panel TV.

chassis 37TTS S-2042-7164, 51TTS-7164, 54TTS-7164. To enter service menu press the button "MENU" button on the control and then "8" "5" "0" "0". In the upper right corner of the screen appears the letter "M" red. For installations and regulations stipulated 10 submenus. Submenu called digital control buttons 0 to 9.

37TTS7364 54TTS7364S 54TTS7464FS - see TDA9381-7NA.

SOKOL 37,51,54 TTS6150, 6151.6155 CPU Z9023306PSC.
Sign in service: enabled on your TV remote to click on "DISPLAY" "FUZZU" "TIMER".

Sign in service: enabled on your TV remote to click on "DISPLAY" "MUTE" "SLEEP" "FUZZU".

SONOLOR 5552, 6352, 6363, 6372, 6383, 7163, 7172, 7183, 63SN601 processor NES3AR01/02, NES2-2R01/4R01 - see EUROSTEREO-chassis 2.

SONY KV-M1440, KV-M2171, KV-M2181.KV-M2101, KV-2170, KV-2180, KV-2540, KV-25X1.KV-29X1, KV-24WS1.KV-24WS2, KV-25C1.KV- T25MF1, KV-14V5, KV-S29RN1/34RN1 / 25M1K, KV-16WT1, KV-C2173, KV-C2171.KV-2501, KV-C2503, KV-C2508, KV-C2509, KV-21T10R, KV-21C4, KV-21X4, KV29F3A, KV-G25T1, KV-X2901, KV-X2900B, KV-X2903E, KV-X2002U, KV-29X5A, KV-29FX11A, KV-C2901, KV-C2903, KV-C2908, KV-C2909, KV-29X1, KV-V5D, KV-14V6, KV-14V5, KV-M2171, KV-M2181KR, KV-16WT1A/K/R/U, SHR85340A processor, SAA5290, SDA5250,
chassis AE-3, BE-3B BE-3D, BE-3C, BE-4, BE-4A, BE-5, FE-1
chassis FE-1A, KV-21FX20A, KV-21FX20B, KV-21FX20D, KV-21FX20E, KV-21FX20K, KV-21FX20R, KV-25FX20A, KV-25FX20B, KV-25FX20D, KV-25FX20E, KV-25FX20K, KV -25FX20R, KV-29FC20A, KV-29FC20B, KV-29FC20D, KV-29FC20E, KV-29FX201D, KV-29FX201E, KV-29FX20A, KV-29FX20B, KV-29FX20D, KV-29FX20E, KV-29FX20K, KV-29FX20R , KV-29FX20U SAA5564PS/M3/0010
chassis FE-2, KV-14LT1V/E/K/U, KV14LM1V/E/K/U, KV-21LT1B/E/K/U, KV-21FT2K, KV-29FX30.
Press the button on the remote control POWER OFF -> ON SCREEN DISPLAY -> 5 -> VOLUME + -> TV. The screen lights up TT__. Click "MENU" or two-digit number you to the various service sub: Pictute max - 01, Picture min - 2002, Ageing mode On-Off - 07, Exit service mode - 00.

chassis AE-2F, KV-S2941.KV-S2942, KV-S2943 CPU-SDA30C162GEG
Press 2 times the POWER button on the remote, you see the inscription TT__.

SONY chassis AA-2U KV-38FS17, KV-T25MF1,
chassis AA-2W, AG3, AG3E KV-29FV16A, KV-ES29M61, ES29N90, ES34K90 with remote control RM916, RM-959,
Chassis BG-1S, BG-2S, BX-1L KV-B21M1 with remote control RM 870,
Chassis G3F KV-K29CF1 remote RM-845P,
Bravia KDL-32V2000.
Press the button on the remote control POWER OFF-> DISPLAY -> 5 -> VOLUME + -> POWER. Buttons 1 and 4 - Selecting, 3 and 6 - the parameter, MUTING - for the record, 0 - to write.

KV-M2540: Sequence POWER OFF -> ON SCREEN DISPLAY -> 5 -> VOLUME + -> TV. Used console type RM-833

KV-S29 RN1 \ 34RN1 chassis G1: Remote control RM-821. Sequence POWER OFF -> DISPLAY -> 5 -> VOL + -> POWER.

SONY KV-G21M1 \ G21P1 \ G21S11, KV-T21M1 \ T21MF1 \ T21MN1 \ T21MN11: Sequence: POWER OFF -> OSD -> 5 -> VOL + -> POWER Exit from service: click twice on the button POWER. Memory write: enter the service, select the required options, press the MUTE button for options on the screen, click WRITE (green) record option. Press 0 to enter the memory

SONY chassis AE-2, AE-2A, AE-2B, AE-2F, AE-3, AE-5A, AP-2 (remote RM-831, 832), KV-2551, KV-S29JN1/MN1/SN1, KV-S34JN1 / MN1/SN1, KR-S4613. KV-B2911, KV-B2912V, KV-B2913E, KV-S2951KRKV-29K1R, KV-S2920.KV-S2921, KV-S2922, KV-S2923, KV-25T1R, KV-S2941, KV-S2942U, KV-S2943E, KV-29E1R, KV-X2560, KV-S2952, KV-S2953 CPU SDA30C162, SDA30C164,
chassis AE-4, GE-1 KV-25/29K1, KV-28FD1E / K, KV32FD1, KV-29C3.
Click on the buttons P + and P-front power switch and TV. Will light TT__. To go into service menu, quickly press the remote control to "0" i "1", and in some models, simply press MENU. Sometimes service functions - in the usual menu, point to DEMO.

SONY KV-29FX66E chassis AE-6B - remote RM-934.
1). Press the button on the remote control VCR-TV-DVD, to achieve emission remote "TV".
2). Press and hold the yellow button for more than 5 seconds, the indicator on the remote "TV" will blink.
3). Press 99999. All three indicators on the remote zasvichuyutsya. Gun is in service mode. Enable TV. Double-click buttons on the remote control VCR, the screen lights up TT__. Click on the remote control "MENU", you see the service menu. To withdraw from the service console mode, you must do items 1) and 2), and enter 000000.
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