TV Service mode


BANG & OLUFSEN LX4500/5500, L4500/5500, MX3500/5500
Set: brightness = 32, Saturation = 32, contrast = 44. Click the "TV" button on the control and lock for a minute (60 seconds) click PCB5, which is located next to the jack AV. Exit - "STOP" or "POWER OFF"

On the remote press the menu button, go to sound settings, vybyrit "Balance" and press 0532 (very fast). The same combination supposedly suitable for other models LThh14S but not checked.

In working. mode, press "MENU" and not letting the press "POWER", hold 3 seconds. A menu service.

BEKOThe front of the TV while pressing buttons P +, P-turn on the power and TV. Choose language menu.

BEKO Chassis 10.4, 20.2, E1, 12.5, 12.7, K5 - see appropriate chassis

BEKO Processor TVB-4216 ST6387/F1O - see chassis 11AK20

BEKO NR28C7T05 - see C7 chassis

BEKO TVB6070SVCT - see C8 chassis

BEKO chassis processor U99.190 TDA9563H/N1/31
Sign in service: button contrast - with remote control RC5.

BLAUPUNKT chassis FM-240/00 MM63-13VT MM63-14HT processor ZC88649P, ZC88644P, ZC424701 - hold the button "i" on the remote control to turn on the power switch. Exodus - "POWER OFF".

BLAUPUNKT chassis FM640.00, FM640.40MC IS 1963 "72" 53 DIGITAL PRO processor MC68HC11F1 - the television series and press the button "i", "E" panel. The menu buttons "UP / DOWN" to choose data «Special function» and click the "E". In the next menu, choose the line «Service» and the confirmation button "E" enter code "3200" Selecting - button up / down control, changing it - click left / right. After replacing the microprocessor or memory chips to boot NVM standard image parameters lock microprocessor to output a "building" and turning on power TV. Then turn out the TV and remove jumper. Exit service mode - button "i" on the remote control.

BLAUPUNKT chassis FM600.70, FM600.71 MS70-100 Digital PRO, CS82-100 Digital PRO - click "i" on the remote control. Choose a position PROGRAMMIER OPTIONEN and click "ME" "AUX". Choose a position SERVICE MODE. click the "ME" "3" "2" "0" "0". Exit - click "TV".

BLAUPUNKT chassis FM100-30CTS MS70-76VT processor HD6305Y1B80P.
Sign in service mode:
1. Off TV remote control
2. On the remote control, keeping ME on the local panel TV. It is possible - turn the power, hold P / C on the remote control. If you turn on the remote control to keep "i" - a hotel management regime. Adjust with "+" - "on your keyboard TV: Brightness (on TV) - vertical size, saturation (on TV) - Horizontal Size, volume (on TV) - horizontal alignment, fine-tuning (on TV) - vertical alignment, choose the standard sound. Memory - ME (on TV) after each regulation.
With remote control you can set the initial values of picture and sound settings, click ME (on TV) - record in memory. Exit "POWER OFF".

BLAUPUNKT chassis FM451.20 (CUC 7350) processor XC411867P.
While holding "i" on the remote power switch. Exodus - "I".

BORK SNR-1414SI, SPR-1510SI chassis EX-1A processor TDA9381PS
set the volume to 0. Click the button on the remote control "MUTE" and hold press "MENU" on the front of the TV. To exit button is used "-/-- "

BORK SNR-1410SI, SNR-2120SI, SPR-2140SI, SPR-2560SI, SPR-2960SI, SPR-2980SI processor TMP87PS38N - see Carrier 1238

BORK SNR-1412SI, SNR-2122SI processor TDA9381 - click TEST, it located next to the button SOUND (is a hidden button on the remote control between 1925 and concluded in 1911 concluded IC SC3010S) until the "M" button, then 0-9.

C7 chassis, VCT49X3F PZ D5 000 (MN8256-05) and
C8 (ZX8) chassis, TVB6070SVCT-49XYF PZ D5 000 4384.57 Z2 F
press "MENU" or "PICTURE MENU" and press on the remote control 9301 (or 8500). In some models, instead of "MENU" by pressing "i", then enter the code. To exit the service mode - click on TV / TXT on the remote.

LCD Cameron 3207.
Log in / SERVICE: 1) VOL. - Min. 2) IN STAND.BY. 3) In the TV press PROG. and VOL. and enable the remote control button POWER.

CAMERON 29SL40 - see ELENBERG 1409.

CARAT SF100 - a universal code for removing the CHILD LOCK: 9-7-0-6

CARAT G3478 processor S3P8849X27-AQB9
Enter: set VOL = 0, press MUTE, MUTE, "MENU" on the screen appear red letter "S" after clicking "CALL"

CHAIKA "Chaika"
54 CTV-655-8 CPU CTV64/P01
To enter service mode lock contacts 1 and 2 H701 connector on the TV chassis (1920 microcontroller output of the shell) and holding the contacts in closed condition, the television button POWER, then transferred it to the next in the operating push buttons software . This prompted the main service menu. Then rozmykayut contracts. 1 and 2 connector H701.
Choose the option buttons P and P-. Set the parameter value selected by buttons VOL and VOL-. Memory write new parameters is done automatically. Return to the main service menu button is MENU. Before adjustment parameters kinescope TV it must be enabled to withstand at least 15 minutes.
To exit the service mode lock contacts 1 and 2 connector H701 and off the TV button POWER. Then contact rozmykayut and the television as usual.

CHANGHONG ST-29F55N processor TMPA8829CSNG,
CHANGHONG chassis CH-16 processor TDA9384PS/N2/3l CH05T1610,
CHANGHONG chassis CH-20 processor TDA9594H/N1/51 VARK90 SCAVEM-10P,
CHANGHONG chassis CN9E, CN9EA processor CH08T0934 (TMP87CM38N-2A98-1F31, CH08T0934 5H32-3K49, 5H31-3PB3 (TMP87CP38N),
CHANGHONG chassis CN-18EA processor SH08T0606 8821CSNG5BE5,
CHANGHONG chassis CN-18ED processor SH08T0605 8827CSNG5BKO,
CHANGHONG chassis EX-1A1 21C99 processor TDA9381PS/N2/2l1091 CH05T0102,
CHANGHONG chassis EX-1A4 14BM19 processor TDA9351PS/N2/3I, TDQ935XPS/N2, TDQ936XPS/N2, TDQ938X/PS/N2 (CH05T0102),
TDA9380 32K PAL / NTSC,
TDA9387 32K NTSC,
Set volume to 0 on the remote. Then press and hold the MUTE button on the remote and "MENU" on TV once about 2 seconds.
Exit: press POWER DIGIT or to exit.
To remove the key when you click on KEY code 8888.

chassis CN-12C1 processor CH04T1221-50L9 (CH04T1222, CH04T1228) Set volume to 0 on the remote. Then press and hold the MUTE button on the remote control for TV and VIDEO both about 2 seconds.
Exit: i click to exit the S mode.

CHINA TV (Some models) press the remote control "DISPLAY" (sometimes arrow key) and three times quickly MUTE. Possible unlock code from the children - "8,2,8,0, 9,4,4,3, 0,5,5,4.

29T1A-S 76 832 HYF-31J
29T1A-S (G) 76828B
29T2A-P (A) 76 832 HYF-31J
29T2A-P (G) 76 828 HYF-33D
29T5A-S (G) 76 828 HYF-33D
29T6A-P (A) 76 828 HYF-33D
29T7A-T (A) 76 828 +1232 HYF-33D
29T7A-T (B), 29T8D-T 29T8D-T (A) 76828B +1532 HYF-33E
29T8D-T 76 832 HYF-31J
29T8D-S 29T8D-S (A), 29T8D-T (G) 76 828 HYF-33E
HS-2996 HS-2996 (A) 76 832
HP-2999 HP-2999 (G) 76 828 HYF-33D
HP-2999 (NC) 76 832 HYF-31J
29F5A-T (C) 76828B +1532 HYF-33E
29F5A-T (E) 76 828 +1532 +1265 HYF-33E
29F5A-T (D) 76 828 +1232 HYF-33E
29F5D-T 76 828 +1232 HYF-33D
29F5D-T (B) 76 828 HYF-33D
29F5D-T (S) 76 828 +1232 HYF-33D
29F1A-P (B) 76 828 HYF-33D
29F2A-S (A) 76 828
29F7A-T (C) 76 828 HYF-33E
29F8D-T (A) 76 828 1232 HYF-33E
29F8D-T (B) 76828B 1265
29F8D-T (C) 76 828 HYF-33E
29F95 (G) 76 832 HYF-31J
29F96 (NC) 76 832 HYF-31J
29F96 (G) 76 828
29F98 29F98 (G) 76 828 HYF-33D
29F99 29F99 (A) 76 832 HYF-31J
29F99 (H) 76 828 HYF-33D
29F9A-S 76 832 HYF-31J
29F9G-S, 29F9G-S (A) 76 828 1265 1232 S HYF-33D
Press the "MENU", "DISPLAY", "MUTE", "SCAN", or enter the code producer. Click the "sleep timer" to change the settings menu. Pressing this button rezhtmi "LOCK" shot blocking. Possible redundant code "8,2,8,0", or "9,4,4,3", or "0,5,5,4".

29T2A-P 8843 HYF-31H
29T6A-P 8844 HYF-29A
29T9A-P, 29T9B-P 8843 HYF-31D
29F18 8843 35A
HS-2995 8844 HYF-34A
HP-2999A 8843 HYF-31H
29F1A-P 29F1A-P 8844 HYF-29A
29F95 8844 HYF-34A
29F9A-PF 8843 HYF-31H
29F9A-P 8843 HYF-31H
29F9D-P 8843 HYF-31H
Click on the remote control "PSTD", "SSTD", "Call", "Power". Click "MENU" to select a submenu

29TE 9373 HTR-018
29F8D-29F8D T-9373 T - - - V1.0 1265 HTR-018
Click on the remote control "MUTE", "OSD ","-/--"," DISPLAY "," MUTE "

D29FV6-A8 MST5C16 HYF-33M
Click on the remote "display", "image mode", "Sound mode", "Calendar". Click "MUTE" - to the next page, "MENU" - out.

29F5D-TA 1225 volume is reduced to "0" and then on the remote click "menu" and hold at least 5 seconds, appears "----", then enter "9,4,4, 3.

29F5D-TA MK14 HTR-038
29F5D-TA (G) 833 HYF-40A
M37281MFH-085SP, M37281MAH-058SP Haier
29F6G-PN MK14 HYF-31L
29F3A-N 833 HYF-40A
29F7A-PN MK14
29F7A-PN (G) 833 HD VGA HYF-40A
29F7A-PN (G) 833 HD VGA HYF-40A
29F7A-PN (C) 833 SAA4955 P15V330 "HYF-40A
29F8D-PY MK14 HYF-31K
29F8D-PY (N) MK14 HYF-31L
29F8D-PY (G) 833 HYF-40A
29F9B-PY MK14 HYF-31K
29F9B-PY (N) MK14 HYF-31L
29F9G-PN 833
29F9G-PN (G) 833
29F9G-PN 833 HYF-40A
Press and hold the "P-" and "V" for 3 seconds.

29F6G-3D 6656 HYF-31P
29F6G PNT-3D 6656 HYF-31P
29F6G PNT-3D 6656 HYF-31P
29F6G PNT (A) PW1235 HYF-40B
29F6G PNT (B) PW1235 HYF-40B
Press the remote button "TIMER", then press a number key "1,2,2,9" (or click "MENU" and "1,2,6,9").

CINEX TV37511 processor ST92T195D7B1. Video STV2246 - see chassis PT90

CINEX TV70251 Processor STV3500, memory 24C64. - See the chassis PT200.

CLATRONIC Processor TDA9350PS/N1/2K0172 - see chassis PT90

CLATRONIC CTV576VT processor ST92T195C7B1/MBF - see chassis TV2K

CONTINENTAL CT1412 ST6375 processor to enter the service menu to hold button "R", "R-" in front of the TV, turn on the power switch.

CROWN chassis CY-PH2529PD CP2110PTX processor TDA9351PS/N3/3/1997
Login - press "MENU", then "6483".


The television, click the button on the S009 chassis and hold the click button "DISPLAY" on the remote control. Selecting - Button PROG / -, it changed - the button VOL / - on the remote control to record the new value in memory - R button on the remote control, output - TV / TEXT on the remote control.

CTG-AA, CTR-AA chassis, processor TDA9353, TDA9362
Sign in service mode: select a program 75, then simultaneously press the key "OSD" ("i +") on the remote and press "MENU" on the front of the TV for 4 seconds, then "OSD". In support will sign the letter S.

CTN-BB chassis, processor TMP47C634, SAA5288, SAA5290, SAA5541. Close the output circuit 7 IC7600 (CPU) on the ground.

CTS-AA chassis, processor TMP87CM38N - click "FACTORY" on the remote control. Exit - click "OUTCONDITION" on the remote control.

CURTIS C-14/21/25/28M1/M2 processor MC68HC705T10B
Lock pins 13 and 23 in remote SAA3010. exit - P.

DAEWOO 21DA5PF - see chassis TV2K.

DAEWOO V1/V3/V4/V5/U1 DTC-1914 chassis CP-002
DTP-14V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, C3, C4, C5 chassis CP-005,
DTA-20 T1, T2.T3, T8, T9, Y1 chassis CP-385,
DTG-28A6F, A7F, B1F, G6F CP-810 chassis.
20C7GT chassis CP-185G, CP-185L,
DTM-2930ME-MP-MT-MZ chassis CM-650
KR29F1-MT processor TDA12072PQ/N1D00 chassis CM-500F,
KR29U1-MT processor VCT3872A chassis CM-908F,
CP-520 DTY-21U7 TDA-12021H1,
DTE-25 G6/G7 DTE-28G2/G6/G7/96/98 processor TDA9365 chassis CP-785
DTF-2950-100D, DTF-2950GB-100D, DTF-2950K-100D SDA-55XX chassis CP-850,
DTF-29u7k processor VCT 3834a c4 chassis WP-895f/CP885F,
Select Channel 91, set the SHARPNESS at least exit the menu, within 2 seconds press the RED (SKIP) - GREEN (MOVE) - MENU. A Label Service Mode OSD. Exit service mode - Power off

DAEWOO DTH-25G1FST/FSP/FS 29G1FST/FSP/FS 29G3FST/FSP/FS, chassis CM-870, CN-011 DTQ-29S3FS, 26S3FS, 26S3FSM. Enable TV. Click on the remote control "MUTE" "RECALL" "MUTE". Remember change button RECALL.

DAEWOO DTQ-29S3FS, 26S3FS, 26S3FSM Click on the remote control "MUTE" "DISPLAY" "MUTE". Office of the buttons "VOL +" "VOL-" "PR +" "PR-". Remember change button "DISPLAY".

DAEWOO chassis CM-900 DTC-25G1VM,, DTC-29G1VM, DTC-25G3VMR (NO TXT), DTC-25G4VMS (NO TXT), DTC-25G7VM (NO TXT), DTC-29G1TM (TXT) DTC - 25G1TM (TXT) processor TMP87CP38N-3573
Click to turn off the volume control. The display will indicate crossed speaker. Click again on mute. Click "MENU" on the front of the TV and not releasing it again then turn off the volume on the remote control. To exit the menu press POWER OFF on the remote control.

DAEWOO 14A5, AST, Q1, Q1T, Q2, Q2T, Q3, Q3T, T1, T1T, T2, T2T (20 ... 21 ...) Chassis CP-375, CP-370, CP-775, the controller DW5255M, DW370M. Need a service panel R-30VC (duplicated MAC-2000 remote control code 1239). Keys Power, Bright, Cont, Color, Volume - coincide. Other keys:
1-_-/--________Service_____ | __2-P/C________EW
Shift + Bright____BASS +_____|__ Shift_-Bright__Bass-
Shift + Cont_____Treble +_____|__ Shift_-Cont___Treble-
Shift + Col______BAL_R______ | __Shift_-Col____BAL_L
Shift + Vol______VSize +______|__ Shift_-Vol____VSize_-
Shift_1-_-/--___AGC-_______ | __Shift_2-_P/C__AGC_ +
OK___________Normal______ | __MENU_______OPTION
X_zvuk_______WOOFER_____ | __Erase________EFFECT
A____________Search_ +____|__ B___________Search_-
C____________CH_SET_ +___|__ D___________CH_SET_-
Mode_________MODE_______ | __EPG_________Search_Stop
<<___________ Autotest_____ |__>___________ AFT_ +
>>___________ TTX________ |_______________ Bright_-
<____________ Bright_ +_____|__ Disp________AFT_-
Shift__P +_____ VCenter_ +___|__ Shift_P-______VCenter_-
Shift_AV______R +_________|__ Shift_ERASE___R-
Shift__A______S-Cor_ +_____|__ Shift__B______S-Cor_-
Shift_C_______V-lin_-______ | __Shift_D_______V-lin__ +
Shift_ <<______ G +_________|__ Shift_ >_______ B +
Shift_ >>______ Hcenter_ +___|__ Shift_ ||_______ G-
Shift__ <______ B-__________ | __Shift_DISP____Hcenter-
In the option to install the ATS ON. Select character generator (paragraphs 5 and 6 jumper JP01, 02). HH - Western, LH - Eastern European, HL - Turkish.
Select Standard - para 8, jumper JP03.

(Videodvoyka), remote RCV100S. Management features hotel mode: turn the power button while holding [PR-] i [STOP]. Highlighted menu for the hotel profile.

DAEWOO KR21N7N, KR14N7N chassis CM-OS-H1.
Option 1. Controller TDA9384/TDA9363: Press MUTE, CALL, 9, a lighted 9 - - "then press" 8 "," 0 "should appear inscription" M ". Press "MENU" to go into service menu. Buttons CH + / CH-to select the option, V + / V-to change.
Option 2. controller TDA9381: press and hold button 4 seconds "QV", then click on the remote control "MENU 1", the screen is lighted inscription "TEST". If you press the buttons with numbers "Mkey" appear on the screen corresponding submenu or inscription PASSWORD, then you must enter the password .. 828 buttons CH + / CH-to select the option, V + / V-to change. Turn off the TV remote control translates into normal mode.

chassis CP-420 DVT-14F6LA, DVT-14F6PA,
DVT-14F6FA, DVT-14F6DA, DVT-14F6HA, DVT-20F6LA, DVT-20F6PA, DVT-20F6FA, DVT-20F6DA, DVT-20F6HA, DVT-14F8LA, DVT-14F8PA, DVT-14F8FA, DVT-14F8DA, DVT- 14F8HA, DVT-20F8LA, DVT-20F8PA, DVT-20F8FA, DVT-20F8DA, DVT-20F8HA processor M37776M - then quickly turns with the remote control buttons: blue, yellow, green, red, POWER ON. To exit and memory settings then POWER OFF.

DAEWOO 14DA5T processor ST92195C3B1/PEX - see chassis TV3K

DAEWOO 29DA5PF processor ST92T195B5B1/PBP - see chassis TV4K

DAEWOO KR-21N7N see NTDA9381/C340AG-processor processor TDA9381-7NA

DAEWOO KR-29N7MT processor TDA9381PS/N3/3 Method entering service mode: press the remote button sequence: MUTE, CALL, 9,8,0

With remote control "DISPLAY" --- "MUTE" --- "SLEEP" - "FUZZY", then press "DISPLAY" or "SLEEP" enters service in a TV menu.

DC-1, DC-2 Chassis - STAND BY TV in and off the network. Press the red button on the remote and turn on the power button while holding another 10 seconds. Select - number changed - +/--, Memory - red button Exit - NUTE.

DIGITAL PF2995, PF29300 processor 8897CSBN - see chassis ETE-2

DIGITAL chassis CN-18EA 21BM11 processor SH08T0606 8821CSNG5BE5
Set volume to 0 on the remote. Then press and hold the MUTE button on the remote and "MENU" on TV once about 2 seconds.
Exit: press POWER to exit the "S" mode.
To meet with key - KEY after you enter the code 8888.

DTV-1, DTV-2 chassis, processor CCU09 \ 10 \ 13 TVM4055 - simultaneously press "S" on TV and the "S" (service button located in the lower range control). Exodus - "TV"

DTV3, DTV4, TV8, TV9, TV17. Sign in service: turn the power button while holding unopky "VOL +" and "P-" on the front panel for 5 seconds and not pidpuskayuchy them on the remote control (remote control 204), press simultaneously the buttons "PICTURE MENU" (red or yellow) and VIDEOTEXT (blue). If there is no "native" control, the MAC code on the remote 1141 or 1041. Output - power off or press TV (in the native remote control). Plunk group settings - buttons "P +", "P-", choose option - click "PICTURE MENU" (yellow or red), change the settings - buttons "VOL + , "VOL-", remembering the changes - click OK.
If there is a remote control RC-5, instead of two buttons to press or TV EXIT (picture of screen output from the AV).

DTV101 chassis - chassis vnvlohichno DTV3, but press "P +" and "P-".

DUAL (HANSEATIC SCHNEIDER) M4055, ST6714, CTV2703 processor CCU09 \ 10 \ 13 TVM4055 - see chassis DTV-1

DUAL TV1170, STV6156 processor CCU2070 - see chassis DTV-2

DUAL TV5504, TV5520, TV5525 STV6385 processor chassis TV-4 - press both the blue and red button on the remote control. Just click both "P" and "VOL" on the TV output - "TV"

E1 chassis processor TDA9345PS/N3/3/1913. Log your service: click on "MENU" and "9301". Exodus - Mario 0.

ELENBERG21D77, 21N77. Click "MENU", AV, ANAL. Surcharge menu - click OK. See also the chassis 3S10.

ELENBERGTV1007, TV507, TV707, TV807, CTV5009, CTV7009 "LCD". On the remote control to click MUTE - CALL - TIMER - "Snake arrow" "MODE", bust is button "MENU", button MUTE - to change the page parameters, choice and change settings - "P +", "P-", "VOL +", "VO: L-".

ELENBERG 1409 = CAMERON 29SL40 - operating on the remote press "MENU", then six to seven times button Q. VIEW. Go in groups of parameters - click "MENU" or 0 - 9.

ELENBERG KDT216AST DTV-2120, DTV-1520 - see processor VCT3831A

ELENBERG chassis U3P/U2P 2116 - see processor TDA9341

1402, 2108, 21F08, 29F08
Quickly press on the remote control button "MENU" button 5 times and Q. VIEW.

ELENBERG 2170F processor 8821CRNG5JB2 TCL-A30V02-TO
In the operating mode of the TV volume to decrease to 0, then press and hold the button on the front panel VOL-, press the remote button "DISPLAY" 3 times. Output: click OK to install FACTORY OFF, then press the STANDBY button on the control

2948R processor NTDA9381C32NH - see processor TDA9381-7NA.

ERC ERC21NI60 Processor: ST92185BN4B1/PBI 3S10B-ENG/RUSS video processor: STV2248C - see chassis 3S10

ERC 21SP50 - see CPU LC863332A

2108 - VOL set to minimum, and keep both on the front panel button "VOL-" on the remote quickly and at least three times to press "RECALL".

ERISSON TV2150 chassis 4S02 - consistently push the button "SKIP", "VOL-", "AFT". Buttons. "P +", "P-" - range option, "VOL +" and, "VOL-" - Regulation. Exit menu - "PIC".

ERISSON 1401, 21F2, 21F3, 21UF70 processor 8897CSBNG6PR4 PA-09
1. Set the volume level to "0"
2. The front of the TV press "vol-" while clicking
DISP button on the control in the upper right corner of your screen character "S" (service mode)
3. DISP button again to exit the remote service.
4. Set the volume level to "0"
5. The front of the TV press "vol-" and simultaneously press the DISP button on the remote control in the upper right corner of the screen appears the symbol "D" (advanced mode of service)
6. DISP button again to exit the remote service.

ERISSON 14GX37A video processor LC863320A LA76810.
In remote lock pins 2 and 16. Each circuit takes in different units menu choice option in the section: "Up" button, "down" regulation setting :<,>. Exit from the menu - "POWER" or zamknuvshy 2 and 16 until the normal display screen. Valid for remotes with M / S SD7461GO, PT2416-103.

ERISSON 2102, 2503, 3410 processor S3C8849X15, S3P8849XZZ
Delay in service: regular mode, then click once to click on the bar TV "volume + and volume, and turn on the TV program or the button panel.

ERISSON 2102, 2103 processor S3P8849XZZ-AQB9
Closes contacts 2 and 4 of connector CN601 (ADJUST and GND). "Appears" KWTVA COMPUTER 11-23 "
Then press "OK" button on the remote control. Menu appears KWTVA SERVICE 11-23 OPTION 5473176706

Panel includes the possibility of entering the service menu TV. Contact area is in the lower left corner, but the button has no metal deposition.
ERISSON 2107, 14GX37 - the same model in 2105

Simultaneously press the button "Vol +", "Vol-". On the TV screen has prompted KWUAA SERVICE, which indicates the willingness to control the TV in service mode.
Buttons "P" and "P-" on the remote control for the selection of the desired profile.
Console buttons "VOL", "VOL-" is regulation parameters. To save data and exit the service mode you must click "OK" button on the front of the TV.

ERISSON 2910A processor ST6-ELISA
Click on the front of the TV button "AV / TV", "S. SYS", "MENU" and hold them, turn on the network button. Exodus - POWER OFF

ERISSON 2910, 2520, 29SI60
The function of "protection of children" is guided by key «SUB Pag». Clicking once will only display the current channel (with no possibility of changing the channel), all buttons except «STAND BY» and «SUB Pag.» Blocked.
Clicking «SUB Pag» repeatedly blocked all channels, you see a blue box, all buttons except «STAND BY» and «SUB-Pag.» Blocked. Clicking «SUB Pag» the third time all lock removed.

ERISSON 2102, 3410 processor S3C8849X15, S3P8849XZZ
Switches TV is another mode, then click once on the front panel buttons "VOL +", "VOL-" button and the television "P /" or remote control. Exit: Turn the power off.

ERISSON Processor LC863322B.
To enter the service menu - you press three keys hidden in the remote control (lowest rights).
Switch Partition menu key performed Mute MUTE.
Three double click the hidden keys in the remote (it's lower right), displayed on the screen:
S-BRI -76
when you key in this case MUTE - thin horizontal stripe on center screen to adjust the geometry.
Exit from the menu - a hidden key in the remote control (lowest rights).

ERISSON S14N7A - see chassis 3P51
ERISSON CTV-1422PN, CTV-2012, CTV-2120 - see chassis 3Y01/4Y01
ERISSON 21UF20 - see chassis 3P61
ERISSON S14, ERISSON 2120 or ERC 21NI60 - see chassis 3S10
ERISSON 1465,2105,2106, 2120, 2150 protsesorLC863324A - see chassis 3Y11
ERISSON 1406, 21F5, 21F10, 21SF10 processor LA76936Y 7N - see chassis 3Y18
ERISSON processor LC863532C-57P1 - see chassis 3Y31
ERISSON 2910 processor ST63T88B1 - see chassis 5S01
ERISSON 14GX37A LC863320A 5R76 - see chassis 5W63
ERISSON PF21GB300 processor TDA 9384PS/N3/3 see chassis ETE-2
ERISSON 2108 - see FUNAI MK11
ERISSON 2103, 2190 processor S3C8849X15-AQB7 - see FUNAI MK11.
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Nick a dit…

Recently got my new TV LCD 19 for the kitchen, and is working great, probably ill get this one for the living room !

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